Bike Lanes: Love 'em or Leave 'em

Yeah get outa there!
And read this book:

i like bike lanes. id rather have to avoid/turn with a car turning right than be in the door zone, and have to avoid getting my hands or face cut in half, and THEN run over when i fall in front of traffic. was that a run-on sentence?

suburbs have good schools.
and since i have a 8 month old daughter, that’s a good reason to stay here.
i also enjoy having something that is mine.
i bought my house when i was 20.
i like having a front yard and backyard to take care of.
i like being able to tear down walls and change anything in my house i want.
my house is 2000sf.
a 2000sf. apartment/ loft in downtown would be at least a million dollars.

i’m not into inner city living just yet.

dont really touch lanes here in toronto, they dont get the same maintainance the rest of the road gets i swear, riding it can be close to fixed gear trials, and you end up watching the ground more than the road, also youre way more likely to get doored in the bike lane here, as sometimes then run beside a row of parking. in the core, where cars get slow, i just hit the streets, most of the time im passing cars anyway, and i dont even go that fast. that said some of the streets have some decent bike lanes that ill take, and if im really tired or drunk, ill just chill in the bike lane for a little and go hybrid speed.