Bike-mounted Video Cameras

Someone forwarded me this and it looks kinda ok for $85.

Then i did some searching and found that Oregon Scientific makes a really nice looking line of similar cams that are better in a lot of ways:

there are some on ebay for pretty decent prices and im thinking about picking one up.

Anyone have one of these and wanna make some recs/post vids?

From what I’ve heard its much better to mount the camera to your body rather than your bike. The reason is that your body absorbs bumps better so the video will be smoother. In terms of body mounts the chest mounts are smoother then the head mounts because your head bobbles around a little more. Hope that helps.

Go Pro Hero camera is a small camera that a lot of motorsport guys swear by.
Supposed to be very durable, but i don’t think it’s very cheap.

Ok, just looked it up. Definitely not cheap… but i’ve heard GREAT reviews of it. They have several models.

I used the go pro hero camera on my tour from LA to SF. It worked great. The only bad thing is that it only took SD cards that were 2 gigs or less, and the video mode would drain batteries quickly.

I was surprised that the video wasn’t too bumpy when I had it mounted on my handlebars. I used the chest mount a couple of times, and got some good shots. I didn’t have the helmet mount. When I have time, I’ll try to upload some videos.

Love my go pro hero. My only two gripes are short battery life and if you mount it on the bike the sound is pretty much useless. Some of my footage is here

Anyone try using one of those cheap mini flip HD cameras on a bike? Vimeo/youtube quality doesn’t seem that terrible and I wouldn’t feel THAT guilty if it got smashed up.

iphone and gaffer tape?

haha i have thought about this.

one time i just held it in my hand for the majority of my commute with a stop-motion video app running

mess bag strap+ camera.

Gorillapod, for real. Unless it’s an expensive camera.

might have to get one of those. ive seen from time to time but never buy.

gave one to gerund. ask her if she still uses it.

i dont know if i would use it on a bike but would be cool to keep in the camera bag.

the go pro looks awesome but too much.

before summer rolls around i’ll probably pick up an oregon scientific one off ebay.