Bike rack

I basically got rid of everything in my room and would like a new rack for my bikes. Kinda been looking at the Sports Solutions FreeStanding Bike Rack. Any suggestions on any other good ones?

Just don’t use it as a work stand. Ask artblur about that.

ive had my eye on the topeak:

or something similar. not freestanding, but can hold up to four

^^that wins, fuck the one I originally posted.

minoura also has one that is cheaper. dont know about quality comparisons though.

The topeak looks like the actually bike hooks tilt more which means I could put my new old 50 girl raleigh pursuit frame on it. (Building it up for my gf as a christmas gift)

that topeak looks amazing.

Why not a repair stand. Seems double practical?

i have that topeak rack, it’s the one that came crashing down on my head when i was working on my bike, which then became sigged by balonya as i wrote about it after hours of tarck madeness while everyone who was online cyber-helped me remove my bottom bracket. run-on sentences are awesome. the rack is NOT good for working on your bike.

It’s not made for wrenching on.

That was a fun night.

i have high ceilings… you can fit 2 bikes & one frame

I just have some hooks above my clothes washer… I have pretty high ceilings though, I’m 6’2" and I can barely get the rear wheel into the hook. Still I love the hooks, I’m not inclined to have what amounts to a giant piece of bike-hanging furniture dominating a room.

two bikes stacked really isnt all that high

maybe im just confused as to what you are talking about but seeing as how the concept is you have four bikes stacked two high on each side of the post, how do you see it being taller than two bikes would be?

That was a fun night.[/quote]

I laugh so hard when that happened

Been here. I had my Schwinn frame hanging from the not-so-strongly mounted pot rack in my kitchen while I was doing the detail painting. I must’ve pulled down on the frame ever so lightly while I was finishing up the seat lug, and down came the corner of the rack closest to me, sending all pots, pans and the frame to the floor. Thankfully I only took one hard blow to the head. It sucked hard though, as I then had to clean up a mess of pots and drywall dust, then figure out how to remount the rack more securely. Good times.

but then when the bike’s not on the rack, it’s like, wtf is on your wall

Put it lower to the ground and your kitty can sleep in it! Kitty!