Bike Wrap

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Anyone see this before?

BIKE WRAP made by Jooks from STEADFAST on Vimeo.

what would be the purpose of one those cases?

no protection, so airline/bus/train travel would not work.
too cumbersome and too much work for a commuter-security solution (i.e. bring bike inside instead of locking up)
car racks work better if you travel by car.
and they probably cost $300, so you’d be better buying a hard travel case.

Crank side up kids.
And yes, it does provide protection.

Pretty cool.

that would be infinitely better if it was S&S coupler size (26x26x10).

At $300 it would be a deal too, compared to all other options in that size.

And yes, it does provide protection.[/quote]

I wouldnt trust a frame in that thing to be handled by airport baggage, bus dudes, or train dudes. looks too thin and soft.

so, that begs the question, what’s the point?

this bikewrap thing is like the knog light of the luggage world. nice video though.

For people that do trust airport baggage, bus dudes, or train dudes?

I think it is a really nice idea that you could just ride to the airport and throw you bike in a bag there. And not have to carry around a bigger bike box or rolled-up cardboard.

If I traveled more with my polo bike I would use it. I don’t care if that gets scratched. Also having two dropout spacers in you bag wouldn’t hurt.

And if each panel that folds has a hard piece of plastic that would help with the protection.

have you never seen how baggage handlers at the airport handle luggage? they just throw shit around.

but I guess if you have money to buy fashionable/designer soft cases for your polo bike or beater bike world tour, that’s cool. I’d rather just buy one strong case and take a cab to the airport…and not worry about denting up my frame or banging the shit out of my wheels…as cumbersome as hard cases can be.

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In some countries, like zees vun, bikes are routinely transported by plane in no more than a plastic bag. On one occasion I saw about a hundred bikes at the airport from foreigners who did some race, and at least half were very nice ones in plastic bags. They offer boxes usually, but most people seem to go for the bags–telling me that they trust the personnel and have probably done this before. I still think it’s nuts, and I was terrified as I saw dozens of bikes rolling down the luggage belt into that netherworld of an airport with nary a thing to protect them.

So I don’t trust a plastic bag, but this thing seems more than adequate for a place where most people do.

And it seems useful for trains that don’t have bike cars. It’s a royal pain in the ass to keep moving your bike around in the compartment by the door as people pass through, board and get off. It’s also plainly visible to a thief and sometimes you’ve got to stand by it the whole time. With this I could at least stow the bike somewhere, and it won’t be thief bait. This goes for European train design (that is the sensible kind) at least.

But I’ll echo viking’s desire for an S&S sized case. This is useless to me otherwise. I’m not pleased about the only options being S&S’s overpriced ones.

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kind of an idiot too. another dumb slut to put on ignore.[/quote]
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cardboard and a roll of tape


but people like products

No shit.

A lot more convenient, disposable, and cheap.

I could see this coming in handy if you needed to get on/off a train that didn’t offer roll-up storage like some Amtrak routes here in the US. Trying to find a box at the last minute would be a pain. I kinda want to try to make one myself.

It’s not the perfect solution to anything, I guess, but I could find plenty of situations in which to use one.

If there were some way of repurposing it while on the bike it might be more efficient… sorta like the Bike Friday trailer that becomes the storage case.

then find one whenever you’d buy this piece of shit.

No shit.

A lot more convenient, disposable, and cheap.[/quote]

and there are always loads of free publications you can pick up in downtown areas and crumple up for even some padding. thank you, portland mercury, willamette week, and various rental guides/religious pamphlets for keeping my bike safe on planes before.