bikes bought in the last 12mos

this’ll be fun. potentially annoying

-kilo TT. the first thing i bought for it was b123s, which i rode untaped for a couple days. er, i guess now it’s been about a year and a half, but whatever.

-barracuda old steel MTB (via CL). kinda cool ovalized tubes. sold a couple months later when i started riding…

-raleigh oneway, bought from eurojosh here. a blast, did some short one-day lightly loaded trips. some light trails riding, although i hated the stopping power of cantis. sold in order to buy…

-nashbar touring bike from ebay. came with a bum shifter and bent front der, and a cassette that didn’t fit all the way onto the old 105 freehub… rode it with flat bars, unable to get into the granny ring (which didn’t really matter for city riding) for too long. just today put on drops, aero levers and bar end shifters. feels good man.

-nishiki pursuit funnybike (via CL–interestingly not the triple triangle “linear” but another model). it was like 200 bucks and a whim purchase. it has a disc and a 24" front. it has sat around. a LBS has actually had a 24" clincher front road wheel in stock for a while, but it’s 60 bux.

-mid-range lotus conversion for $40 bucks, from a couple that found this bike in the basement of a police auction house they bought. not my size at all, came with LF campy record track wheels though. gave the frame to white folks, sold the saddle to a tarcker, now use the sakae bars on my kilo.

-70s guerciotti road frame. traded the record track wheels for this. i think it’s too big, really didn’t give it much of a look-over, haha.

-“norimitsu shiromoto” triathlon bike. came as frame/fork/bars on ebay for 25 bucks, did a local pick-up. fillet brazed steel, 650c wheels, bizarre size (51.5 top, 40 c-c seat). for some reason this has been put together much faster than the guerciotti.

-kona sutra. another 200 dollar CL whim. came after the nashbar bike. when i bought it, had 26" wheels, only a rear brake, bigass risers, and was set up as SS on a triple front chainring. i cracked the rear rim hopping a curb on the first day i rode it, haha.

-redline monocog. took the sutra frame + extras to an LBS that was consigning this, and tossed in a little extra cash. good stuff.

-tanaka road frame, via serotta forums. replaced the alum trek 1500 that i had cracked, taking its 600/santé group.

-gt gtb. picking it up in a week… the local velodrome had a fleet of 'em as rental bikes. they’re upgrading to fuji track comps, so ditching the generic track bikes.

god damn.

That’s a whole fuckload of bikes.

Mine go:

Cannondale CAAD8 - Bought it as a warranty thing from the Cannondale rep because no one knew when CAAD9s with a BB30 would be available. Turned out it was the next week. Scoured eBay for poorly marked BB30 cranks, put the shit together, rode the hell out of it

Trek 500 - Picked this up from a guy two blocks away from me for $30. I haven’t done anything with it yet, and now that I have a new CX frame coming, I’ll probably just turn it around on here on eBay.

Javelin Vigorelli - Some yokel was selling this thing covered in black electric tape with a starting bid of like $100. I figured it would be in good shape because of the tape, and I was right. I think I won the whole bike for $440 shipped, and then I sold the rear wheel for $180 and traded the other parts for burrito money. A very smart purchase, as this bike is fast and stiff.

Hot Tubes CX - Hasn’t arrived yet. Paid more than I would have liked, but much less than the cost of getting basically the same frame made from any other manufacturer.

Honorary mention:

Klein unknown model - I got this for free because this guy who was way too big for it left it in the shop for nine months. I put my old nine-speed Ultegra group on it and it rode GREAT. I planned on keeping this one for a winter trainer or whatever, but then my girlfriend dumped me and I was moving, so I figured I could do without the bike and WITH some money. I sold the whole thing for $600, which is a pretty fair deal, I think.

a fuck ton

and nothing with STIs. doing it wrong?

mid-1980’s Batavus Professional: Replaced my cracked generic japanese road frame that had been run by a truck and repaired a couple times. Built with dura ace and 600 wheels. Don’t ride it as much as I should.

early 1990’s Specialized A1: Basically this was a step below the allez. Bought as a frame/fork/hs and built with parts bin stuff- a mix of 105 and 600, with a campy fd that is too narrow for the 8 speed chain. It has risers right now which are ok, but I think I want to put bullhorns or possibly drops on it. Haven’t been riding it lately because I need to replace the rear rim.

I’m not a prolific flipper like most of you guys

Two BD bikes for me. How generic…

which was the mtb you got?

Motobecane Outlaw 29er. Not a bad buy for the price I paid…

SOMA RUSH white track frame in a size that actually fits. Gonna scavenger it and put drops, hoods and a freewheel from my conversion.

either that or I’ll use the freewheel to build a cross bike.

Bike I still have that I bought in the last 12 months:
Titus RX29er
'72 Paramount Track
'72 Paramount tandem
Tom Palermo custom touring frame (haven’t yet taken delivery of)
'91 Merckx Corsa
Gunnar Crosshairs (maybe selling)

Bikes I bought to ride then sold:
A “Gitane” for Meghan that wasn’t really a Gitane
Cannondale track (hi kowloon)
Orbea Starship (traded it and got the Blue CXC)
Blue CXC (truly the best cross bike I’ve ever ridden)
Gios Professoinal (hi John)

Bikes I bought to flip:

So fucking many.

in reverse ordeer:
Trek 500- current project
little white & orange Miyata 110-for the mrs
Kona Hahahana- larger kid hauler replacement, I wanted a P2 fork
Milwaukee Orange One cream frame- IGH biek
GT Tequesta- original kid hauler, too small
old Dawes, tt ding- probly be my fixie. 600 headset

lotta flippers:
Specialized Crossroads (I find a lot of these)
Raleigh Technium
free ones

where do you guys come up with the money for this :frowning:

I only have 2

miyata for conversion (got it real cheap off cl, going to be used for winter beater)
scrambler (using it right now for college bike)

I wanna go for either a kilo or something else in the summer, but in the meanwhile, i’m gonna ride the hell out of both of them

Just this one:

In the last 12 months I haven’t bought a single bike.
Actually it’s been the last 48 months.

I did buy new wheels and some omniums though.
I must like my bike, even though I spend so much time looking at new ones.

in the last year.
GT built by nobilette.

that’s it. yay.
pretty much ridden only the davidson since i got it. bought the GT so i could have a light road bike. i don’t really have a desire for anymore bikes unless something awzum comes up for super super cheap…

well actually i was just thinking in the current year. if i goes backs to last august then i guess gotta throw the gefsco in there and also maybe that serotta i raffled (and shoulda kept kinda).

Giant TCR and a Gios Compact frame.

I need to pick up my game.

Bruce Gordon Rock N’ Road
Bianchi Milano for teh wife

That’s it.

Just the Cross Check. And that’s barely under the 12 month limit.

Here is every bike I purchased or found this year only (Jan. 09-present). I am a flipper so I do often buy bikes to fix up and resell. I have always kept track of what I sell and what I pay for stuff, but not when I buy it except for this calendar year. I am actually seeing this year if my flipping pays for all of the bikes and parts I might buy for myself. So this list on was has been purchased in '09. Back a full 12 months probably some more flippers I don’t remember which ones of course and my Kelly Knobby X cross bike that I build at the end of '08.

Voodoo Wazoo cross bike: rode it for a little while, but it was too small so I sold it

83’ Univega Viva Touring: looking for a touring bike to do a 3 speed fixed build. It also ended up being too small so I sold it for a nice profit

Brand NEW Surly Long Haul Trucker: I have wanted one for awhile and then in Jan. QBP discounted the completes of the old models (blue) in my jumbo 62cm size. I work at a bike shop so I had to buy one just because of how cheap it was. Even after buying front and rear Surly nice racks, fenders, and front and rear Ortlieb panniers (at retail for panniers) I am still under the retail price of the complete bike.

Gitane Track Standard: bought off of CL and kept it, but wanted money more than a low end French track ride-parted out for a nice profit

06’ De Salvo track frameset :Drooled over them at the NAHMBS and this one was for sale on Serotta. I thought about buying it for awhile and then finally decided I wanted it. I talked to the original owner on the phone and found out two of the De Salvos I was drooling over at NAHMBS were HIS!!! He was selling to put a deposit down on another. I built it up with parts I had from a conversion and a track bike I parted out. It actually has drops and front and rear brakes on it now.

Bikes I bought to flip:
86’ Cannondale SR600 with “broken” brifters and a set of Tacx rollers: I sold the frameset to a friend on a homie deal. I parted the rest out and kept the rollers. Ended up with a nice profit

Centurion Accordo: fixed up and flipped easily even in the middle of winter

Jeanut road bike: bought cheap just to sell the Mafac brakes that were on it. Frame was crashed and is headed to the scrap yard

1987 Maruishi RX-6 Bought to flip. Would have gotten more $$ if the paint was in nicer shape.

1980 Schwinn Voyageur 11.8 chrome frame/fork: I bought it as a complete bike off of CL. It had been sitting outside and had a lot of rust on the components. I have sold off some of the parts. I am in the long process of removing all of the clearcoat to show the shiny chrome underneath it. I am thinking of actually building this into a fixed gear to sell.

American Flyer: Bought at a local bike show/swap and was parted out. It actually was a very nicely made frame with double butted HI ten tubing!

88’ Nishiki Colorado MTB: It is currently for sale on the local CL.

Bottecchia MixteBought complete but sold as frame/fork

Panasonic Sport: Bought complete but sold as a frame/fork

SR ladies road bike: actually a trash find and haven’t done anything with it. Probably will just be a parts donor

Shogun road bike: jumbo 65cm framed that I thought I would never sell. Through exchanging some emails regarding another bike for sale I ended up finding a buyer even before I started work on it. Sold to that buyer without having to advertise it, hence no pics.

Louison Bobet from the late 60’s: Bought from the owners of a LBS and it was his father’s and mother’s (Super Course) bikes that were barely ridden. A friend of mine got this

69’ Raleigh Super Course Mixte. I sold this on CL, but removed the very nice Brooks B66 that was on it and sold that separately.

mini Schwinn World Sport Garage sale purchased flipped easily

Raleigh Record: A garage sale purchase that included a POS Kia bike for one price. The Record has brand new Easton bar tape installed and the price for both bikes was $10 so I took them. When loading up the owner said do you want another for parts. I of course said sure because it was free. So I also got a Gary Fisher 700c hybrid that is missing a few parts, but it should be fixable. I just haven’t done anything to any of them yet.

His and hers 84’ Trek 520 and Trek 620 Bought them from the original owners and paid a little bit too much normally for a flipper. I sold the 520 complete and parted out the 620. I did end up making a decent profit on the pair.

02/03’ Ridley Crossbow: BEST FLIP EVER!!! I bought this for a steal at a police auction ($30 yes that is not a typo). It had Dura Ace 9 speed shifters and front and rear derailleurs that I moved to my own bike. I moved my Ultegra 9 speed Shifters and f/r derailleurs to this. I took off the Thomson seatpost, Flite saddle, and Ritchey WCS Stem and replaced with a new stem and seatpost and a seat from the parts bin. Flite sold for $40, Thomson for $35, I kept the Ritchey stem and Dura Ace parts for myself, and the full Ultegra bike sold for $650!

Haro BMX bike: Purchased at a different police auction and fixed up and flipped for a quick and easy profit

Fuji Touring Series IV: I am in the process of parting this out. The frame is straight and dent free, but has some rust issues so I am not sure what to do with it yet. I am parting out to try and sell off all the parts to make my money back.

Trek 820 MTB: Currently for sale on the local CL

early 80’s Schwinn World Sport: rough shape, but it was cheap ($5) so I will use it as a parts donor and maybe resell the frameset depending on condition

Univega Rover MTB: bought at a local thrift store, but haven’t done anything with it yet.

Marinoni Squadra

Nate’s Cannondale Track

Motob FCP

Paramount PDG 3

think that’s it. Maybe the Ciocc was within the last 12 months, not sure.

'88 Gios Compact in purple. Got it from ebayUK for around $700 shipped. I love it, but would probably do it differently if I had to do it again. It came with some mish mash of 8 speed campy/7 speed freewheel mess. I put new wheels on it and upgraded it with 9 speed ultegra wheels with indexed dt shifters. It rides pretty well but it’s a little short at 53 when I’ve found over the last several months that a 54 suits me better.

'88? Nishiki Tri-A. Got this from Jim as a frame and got some Sante stuff from DDTDDY. It’s been a lot of fun to ride. It’s slightly agressive 'cause the top tube slopes forward some but it’s mostly for around town and whatnot, not really distance riding. But I’ve it’s been a great daily ride.

'05 Bianchi Pista Concept. Got this from EuroJosh a little while back. It’s been my racing bike all season. Worlds better than the Rush Hour I rode last season. It’s pretty much stock(75’s, Ellipses, etc) and I’ve yet to find a reason to upgrade it. 'Cept my friend is gonna sell me some Dura Ace hubs laced to Velocity Tubular Elites for redonk cheap so I’ll probably have different wheels to play with soon.