Bikes with wood deep V's

Does anybody have the wood color deep v’s or have any pics of bikes with them?

What the fuck is this google shit people keep talkin about? Men be actin all like zombies at the mall.

steamroller rocking them.

That shit is barf!!!

steamroller rocking them.[/quote]

johnnyraja beating you to them

sry it’s a little big.

It didn’t give me the damn warning even though I was sure someone had posted it. That’s what you get for having this many tabs up.

seriously fucking barf

I was expecting to barf, but I actually reckon they don’t look too bad. On a computer screen anyway, I’ve never seen 'em IRL. I’d certainly take them over the candy colors. But really, I’d probably buy neither.

they are shitty looking in real life. fake ass looking woodgrain.

i hated them on cars i hated them in cars. i never got that wood panel shit on cars. its like. i’m trying to trick you into thinking i’m driving a motorized horse drawn carriage. wtf?

tzusing when are you going to offer a pair of your rims in wood grain? I’d like an eleven hole birds eye maple for the front and a twenty one hole tubeless clincher made to resemble poplar for the rear.

edit: proper grammar, sheesh.

100% genuine simulated woodgrain.

Who at Velocity was like, “Duuuude, I got it! Let’s offer wood grain!”

My mind is boggling.

The same guy that said, “put sperms on em, brah!”

Saw a bike in Cambridge with a wood grain DV in the rear. I was diggin it. Like it better than the candy colors. The rims in the above pics need a little city grime though. Too clean.

I have been buying the older wood deep v’s that had the crappy sticker on them from my shop for super cheap. Then I just peel the sticker off and have a brown deep v for super cheap.

i’d rather have a flourescent orange veep than a wood grain.
but then again i’d rather not have a veep at all.

why are they so bad?

these wood decal ones go for a lot more money than the normal ones. A LOT more.