Biological Parts Cleaner

I would like info on what, and from where, I can get enzymes/catalysts or bacteria that will break down hydrocarbons in to stuff I can pour down the drain, or in to gasses so I don’t need to pour anything.

I would like a solution where I can place my dirty rags/filthy parts, and then hours later take them out and flush with water and soap.

does that stuff exist for commercial sale? i know they’ve been trying to develop a bacteria that will consume oil to clean up oil spills but i’m not sure anything is available to the public. unless you work for a lab and have access to a aldrich or something.

citrus degreaser is the most eco-friendly option i can think of, but of course that only dissolves hydrocarbons.

Yeah, solvents are not the problem, getting rid of them is. Even with the citrus stuff, there is oil saturated (correct word?) in it, so I can’t dump it down the drain.

I know you can generally reuse solvents after cleaning them, but I don’t have space for a filter system, or a storing system.

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doesn’t oxy clean take grease out? if you let it soak in a buucket? billy mays yells at me about this shit every morning.

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I would like something in a dehydrated form, so I can have it shipped to my house, I won’t want to pay shipping for water.

You can buy simple green in a grocery store.

did anyone else read something very different into “biological parts”?

You can buy simple green in a grocery store.[/quote]

I cant.

And simple green isn’t exactly what I am looking for.

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