Black Low Flange Miche Hubs - tell me where to get them

I think I have settled on low flange hubs for my new wheel build. I would love to find some black low flange Miche hubs. They need to be 32h. You guys got any ideas? I would settle for silver, but black is faster.
Like this:

or this but black

They will be going on my GT laced to silver aeroheads.

oooorrrrr should I just get Dura Ace LF?

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Ha, my bike.

I had the hub bodies anodized. Not hard at all.

Also, the chain is an HHK Vertex, midnight blue.

Nice BK man. Shit, I guess I will just stick with silver. How are those hubs holding up?

Fine, I would say the fit and finish is better than Formula and with the shields the bearings stay pretty clean. I’ve raced on them and didn’t feel they were holding me back at all so I’d say a good value.

I’ve had nothing but good experiences with my HF Miche hub. If I were to buy another set of track hubs it would probably be these.

oooooh how much $?

180 shipped from Poland. :slight_smile:

^Do it.

got a link for a brother?


aluminum lockring… what do you guys think about that?

I dunno, it also doesn’t really say what sort of threading so its not clear if you can use a standard Dura Ace/Surly or italian threaded Miche/Phil/Campy.

[quote=“asterisk”]Ha, my bike.

I had the hub bodies anodized. Not hard at all.

Also, the chain is an HHK Vertex, midnight blue.[/quote]

So that’s yours huh? Are you on Team Beer? Have I seen you at the track…? ... TA_SF.html

can’t find black ones though.

Yes. No. Probably not.

I haven’t raced in a couple years. All of my post college jobs have made getting to the track on Fridays on a regular basis nearly impossible.

Obviously, they are Polish threaded.

You definitely dont want to order from there.
You can order straight from the maker of these hubs and save some money.
The lockring is Aluminum 7075 (33.5 mm x 24tpi- Campagnolo compatible). 7075 is a badass aluminum. Wiki search it.
If anyone wants to order these I can give you his email address via PM.

There’s a joke in there somewhere.