Bladed spokes

Are there any bladed spokes that are not only tough enough but also will fit in Dura Ace njs tarck hubs holes?
Otherwise…i have read about and seen hubs that have been slotted for this.

I had a front wheel that was ADX5/Dura Ace high flange tarck/Hoshi bladed spokes. Where the spokes go in the flange it, seemed like the round part that sits flush to the flange hole was snipped off and was just a j bend.
Not pretty but I guess it works:

holy shit that seems dumb.^

Never thought about that. Is that safe?
I have a feeling that those spokes actually came that way though and that they werent cut.
I seem to remember seeing that before.

those couldn’t have been cut - if they were, they were all re-bent

Deathhate - Sapim CX Ray spokes. Not true bladed but ovalized, but basically the strongest, lightest, very aero, stiff, and most expensive spokes out. Zipp uses them for all their wheels.

It’d be kind of silly to build them up on a 32 or 36 though. The way they’re priced and the fact that they’re made for aro, it’d be better to do like 28h max… if not 20 or 24.

those hoshis aren’t cut, they come like that so you can get mad bladez without slotting the spokeholes with a file. i think they’re rad and wanna use em on my next wheelset.

These wheels will be 28h.
Thanks for the info. Gonna look around and see if I can find any of those spokes.
Im guessing theyre NLA.

Sapim CX Rays are really popular with the racing crowd / high dollar ballers so any high end road shop should have them, be able to get them or have the equivalent in DT spokes.

Yeah those things are like 3 bucks each eh?

Around there, some places maaaay be able to get you them for $2 if they really want to be friendly and you’re building with them (sometimes shops hook up wholesale or near wholesale prices on spokes because the profit margin is really small anyway, or so I’ve been told by an owner).

$2 is less than or equal to cost on Sapim spokes. If you built your wheels last year, remember that the cost of raw materials have skyrocketed since then.

Word, forgot to take that into account. Fucking inflation… :bear:

DH out of curiosity what is the use of this wheel?

ballin lookin fly gettin poon

I could be wrong but I do not think you can buy Hoshi bladed spokes anymore.

I just rebuilt a rear wheel after breaking a hoshi with DT alpines (downhill spokes), SWEET AS BRO.

Street riding.
Yes, the blades would be because I like the way they look more than how they could help me win a sprint race.

Street riding.
Yes, the blades would be because I like the way they look more than how they could help me win a sprint race.[/quote]

Thanks I just wanted to hear it out of your mouth.


i would have said gettin poon

and all this time i thought i hated the way bladed spokes looked.

although since you guys say you need to run <32h i dont think i’ll ever fuck with em.