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Cannondale announced their new gravel/adventure line. Interesting that 2 of the 3 models have 2x drivetrains.

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2019: return of the pusher.

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And FSA OE cranksets.

1x market saturated

cross is over

wow, $1650 is less than I expected for full 105/hydro/tubeless/nerd-crankery

TC: had no idea 105 R7000 was a thing

No fender mounts on the fork tho?

The website’s 360 spin view of the bike shows eyelets on the inside of the fork legs.

Shimano is still the go-to at the OEM level, so as long as they continue to ignore 1x road/gravel/CX drivetrains, makers are going to be forced to use pushers.

Now that 1x is nearly passé, I wonder if Shimano will come out the other end looking for not jumping on the bandwagon.

Since there’s already a bike blog thread, should we consolidate them or just let there be two, like with ShartQs?

And tarckbear said let there be multiple threads
And there were multiple threads and it was good


I was wondering about that too. I get the laissez faire attitude, but I also found that having multiple DQ threads in old Tarck was annoying. Is it possible to ask that we gently encourage (in a grassroots way, not from the top down!) one of these threads to slowly fade away as quickly as possible? I could also be convinced not to care too much by an opinion mildly stronger than mine.

I didn’t see the other thread before I posted, so feel free to merge 'em.