I thought it might be interesting to start a collection of users bike related bookmarked web sites. If it’s popular enough it could be a useful reference tool and sticky’d.

Anyway, Include the sites name, link, and maybe a description (feel free to expound upon submitted entries). I’m sure a lot of these could spare mentioning but who knows. Feel free to include a rating of 1 to 5 :bear:.

My bookmarks, for the most part, can be broken down into the following categories:

Discussion forums, instructional, builders, blogs, and a few random references.


About friends.

Bike Forums (
Despite the cesspool that is SSFG the forum still proves to be otherwise tolerable and in many instances rather useful.

Serotta Forums (

Bike Polo CA (
Probably one of the most popular forums on the subject.

Milwaukee Bike Polo (
Cuz local


Sheldon Brown (

Park Tools (
A lot of how-to’s that include instructional videos.

Bicycle Tutor (

Tange II (
Tange2 tubing guide.

Tange OS (
Tange OS tubing guide.

Columbus Tubing (
Columbus tubing guide.

Reynolds (
Reynolds tubing guide.


Velo News (

Urban Velo (

Bike Snob (

Rivendell (

Dave Moulton(

Prolly is not Probably (

Cyclofiend (

Velo Orange (

Six Years in a Rain cape (

Trackasaurus (

Velo Cult (

Cyclocross World (

Mad Cross (

I just recently made it a point to bookmark builders sites so my catalog is pretty sparse. I look forward to seeing what you guys have.

Bike stickers, I myself have actually not bought any
DIY studded tires, I’m going to try to make some for this winter

not many interesting ones, i accidentally cleared all my bookmarks a few weeks ago

Tips Lists:

AAGPIHO (As Always, Grant Petersen is Highly Opinionated.)

Elevengear’s tips (right column) with some fun haikus (left column):

Bike Snob’s 6 Tips For Urban Cyclists:

Bike Snob’s Screw Your Bike Tips:


<3 this thread R.J.