Bottom Bracket

What are some of the best bottom brackets available for under $100, and are they really worth it?
Square taper, I run bulletproof cranks which I believe are ISO.

And when I say $100 that does apply to buying used bottom brackets that were over $100 new but then where priced lower after some use.

Shimano UN series, $25. Unless you are going to spend the $ on a Phil don’t bother doing anything else.

  • a ton. spend $25 for the shimano un series. Use it till it dies then get a new one.

if you need an iso taper buy a low end campy bb.

i have a shimano UN 68x110 from my old conversion that I don’t ride anymore so I think i’ll just be swapping that out for now. ISIS is so fucking stupid. square taperftw

i have a sugino bb that i bought with my rd’s that im happy with. square taper and 30 bucks.

What’s stupid about ISIS?

do the UN ones have that plastic cup on one side? that thing breaks every time i try to take one out. i have…shimano…something else…with both metal cups is pretty badass. i don’t know if they still make them though. it also has double bearings on the drive side. $50 i think, but i was the last one they had.