Bought a wheel with a stuck on cog.

So, I bought a wheel, pretty much just wanted the hub, and it turns out that the cog it stuck the fuck on. I stood on the chainwhip with both feet and it didn’t even budge. I assume I could probably skid the thing off, but that will probably fuck the threads up, right?

Wrap some scrap chain around the cog and clamp it in a vice, pretend you’re in the movie “Speed” and you have to turn the bus to the left. I am trying to be funny but I’m not kidding.

Zombie probably turning the wrong way anyhow.

I put my whip in a vise…and turn the bus left…

A shot of P.B.blaster or other penetrating oil wont hurt.

Liquid Wrench and bus driver ftw!

Insert a cheater bar over the end of the chainwhip for increased leverage. They can be made in a pinch with steel tubes (just hacksaw that top tube right off in a pinch) or you can go to an LBS and ask for theirs (they may be embarassed of ownung one and deny you).

I also find a little Tri Flow squirted in the threads helps. Just don’t get it in the bearings.

you can put your bike in a mechanic stand, take a rag, wrap it around the bb and then put the your chain on the bb, tighten down the wheel and pull on the wheel with the chain tight the direction you want to go (counter clockwise).


Bike shop I used to hang out in had a titanium cheater bar that was a sample tube demonstrating some kind of harmonic crap, I tore a hole in it though.

Bah, even Rotafix isn’t moving it. I guess I’ll buy some liquid wrench tomorrow.