boutique bike goods

I’m often up for some stickers or a funny bottle or something, and periodically check a few people’s sales pages, like Tim Willis, RJ Rabe, The Fridge, and a few others. Who else do you all like for that kind of stuff - not really a company, more just an outlet for someone’s one-off idea or novelty type thing?

someone bring RJ back here

and tell him to make more bottles too

The Recumbentist Store!

Yes, but a lot of that is watching your commentary over the course of the order.

Funny story, when I first met him almost 6 years ago now he looked at me and said, “Hey Straws” and I had no fucking clue who he was, he had to explain. Since then I think I’ve mentioned tarck to him once. I don’t think he’d ever return and probably wouldn’t get much out of it these days.


I’ve already bought everything! You need to debut your fw 2019/2020 collection!

I still follow him on various social media’s. Seems to be doing well.

We could def use the store setup that we have if anyone wants to make some shit to sell.


or we could slowly transition this forum into an online marketplace with a built in community of bike influencers. tarck consulting is totally 2000 and late, we can just reach people directly.

And in so doing, go the way of all online media: either hawking garbage or funded by the Kochs to handwring about free speech and enlightenment values. Hell, if someone’s good at writing grants, maybe both!

but seriously, all I wanted out of this thread is to get linked to fun bigcartel or etsy pages that I can toss in my rss and ignore for the next five years