Brakes and Forks. (Shimano 105 pads won't reach mah rimz)

I stripped my old brake bolt. So I bought a 105 brake set (LBS). 50eu, I thought it was good.

I have some old lugged steel frame and fork. Have I failed? Any fixes? Should I start looking for a fork?

Old setup (stripped):

I don’t trust the quick release on the brake, that is why its open.

you may need “long reach” brakes

If I can find any.

Those long reach Tektros will probably do it for you.

I don’t remember what they were called, but Elderbizzle reviewed them on here.

try here

I meant locally.

if there is a place that sells used parts i would check there. what today is considered long reach used to be standard.

556’s and they work great and won’t break/brake the bank either.

Tektro 556. Ok.

Depending on the reach of your original setup, the tektro r538 might be what you need. They are 47-57mm reach and the tektro r556 are 55-73mm. It depends on how far the brake bolt hole is from the center of the braking surface on the rim.

You could try the Sheldon home-made drop bolt idea.

Ugly as sin, but it would work.

The 556’s reach for days and work real nice. Try 'em with the R100/200 levers for maximum Tektrotude!

I think the Nashbar long reach brakes are the Tektros.
Fuuuck, those used to be on sale for $25.

You could always steal the bolt out of another single-pivot front brake, if you have one around.