i have a old schwinn aluminum 564 with downtube shifters and a 7 speed hub in the back. i want to upgrade to brifters, but i have read that brifters are not made for 7 speed cassettes (is this true??). i do realize that i will have to get downtube cable stops, but what are my options in terms of the levers?

also a side question… i have a really old 70’s schwinn traveller i want to build up as a very light touring rig… it does not have downtube bosses or cable routing for gears, it originally had stem shifters. my question is what would i have to do to put either brifters or bar end shifters on this frame? in b4 dont waste money on shitty frame

shimano sora has 7x2. you’ll probably have to buy used, and they can easily run around 150 for the pair.

oh yes alrite, are all soras 7x2 because i found a set
or do i have to ask the guy to specify?

soras can be 7 8 or 9 and 2 or 3 for the front

Yes, you’ll have to ask. New Sora is 8 speed, but it should actually probably work decently well.

so you’re saying that even if its an 8speed shifter it should work well on a 7speed cassette?

You could try the 8 speed and Sheldon’s alternate cable routing trick.

I have some 7 sp Sora brifters collecting dust. here. PM me if you want them for the cost of shipping.