Brooks Saddle Appreciation Thread

lets see these sexy non-vegan friendly beauties.

im currently bidding on two haha. one has springs, one not.

jordan elephant skin? haha

You know that’s not a Brooks, right?

ITT: Leather saddles

leather is murder, but (ive read) its so comfy!



You know that’s not a Brooks, right?[/quote]

Yes, its a saddle from my power ranger bike. :colbert:

That’s a San Marco Regal with steel rails.

But how would I know? I just own one.

i hate that honey color

i have antique brown but this pic doesn’t do it justice

why do you hate honey?

this thread is pointless considering how many websites out there have a page like this.

beat-to-hell old brooks can be worth photographing.

Those saddle loops are functional you know…

damn, I need a new saddle. The one on my MotoBacon makes my taint unhappy.

I like my b17, but I could never get the angle just right, either I felt like I was slipping forward, or my balls were being separated from each other and then smashed into my thigh. So I drilled some holes and laced it to take out some of the valley. Works great, my wrists and testis are happy.