Brooks x Vans skull saddle

Somehow I do not think that Tarck is the audience for beanie babby collector saddles, but I have this Brooks skull saddle that has been sitting around since 2010 or so. It is in like-new condition. There is one similar saddle on E-bay for $850. Yeah.

I rode it like 100 miles but then got freaked out that I’d have a permanent skull impression on my ass.

Posting here in case you know someone who wants it. $450.

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this is terrible.


I’m sure someone would pay good money to have exactly that.


Now that you’re 90% covered maybe it’s time to consider embossing?


I do not disagree


I’m already sorta starting layer 2. If I get cold or something it’s already partially embossed.

*Using most burn calculators for surface area coverage, I’m probably really only in the mid 80’s if you subtract out the white space for “lines”.

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cmon that is the foundation of a truly nightmarish Ed Hardy bike right there

I could probably put it on a bike and not be tacky assuming you don’t think my bikes are tacky.

That said, my butt doesn’t like brooks saddles so I don’t think I could get it for myself.

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oh fuck i forgot about the Bad Boyz of Bikez

check craigslist find thread

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I’ll give you one hundred US dollars for this abomination.

And I will ride the fuck out of it until it’s not collectible :laughing:

I’ll give $50!

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give me $20 and I’ll destroy this with my ass

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You all suck. It says right on E-Bay that this saddle is totally worth $850 and I’m selling it at a discount. This opportunity won’t last. I mean you could pay your kid’s college tuition with this saddle if you hold onto it long enough. Books have been written about saddle investing.


You have the opportunity to make dozens of dollars and you’re faffing around trying to sell it here?

Tell you what, I’ll trade you a Google™ Nest™ thermostat, a $150.00 value, for this, straight across, no questions asked.


Honestly if I posted it on Velocipede Salon or Paceline or Bikeforums I could probably sell it pretty quickly, it’s just funnier trying to sell it here

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We’re honest about the trolling.