Who has one? I just bought that, which while not a brooks i’m hoping won’t be shitty quality or anything. I feel stupid spending 100 bucks (with proofide) on a saddle for a bike that cost 350.


VO is local to me. i’ve bought a couple of things from them, and their leather stuff seems like it’s of good quality. that said, i wouldn’t count on that riding a whole lot like a brooks saddle…

I’ve never ridden a brooks so as long as it’s comfortable I won’t have anything to compare it to.\

Edit: I’m feeling dumber by the minute, should i email them and see if they’ll cancel it?

I’m still confused on the whole brooks thing. Why are they supposed to be so awesome and in what way would they be better than the VO saddle?

it looks well thought out. i just wouldn’t pay that much to be the guinea pig for something.
brooks saddles=100+ years of tried and true service
i wouldn’t cancel the VO one. what color did you get? the natural looks nice.

edit: don’t want to sound like a shill or anything.
edit: but i do have a brooks tattoo.

cool in the summer, molds to your shape over time. if you hate cushy, gelly saddles with cutouts like i do, you’ll like the firmness of it.
works on anything from road to mountain to anything in between. and, like i said, they’ve been making them for fucking ever.

From the VO blog:
"VO Saddle Problems

As we get into the VO Saddle shipment we are finding serious quality control problems. Some of the leather is too soft and some is incorrectly riveted. I’ve decided to pull the saddles off the site and we won’t be selling this shipment. Of course anyone who ordered one can get a refund. That’s the way it sometimes goes with new products. Sorry.

I should note that the VS-6 saddles are the one model that seems to be okay, so those may be for sale again soon."


Brooks = ugliest saddle on the market.
Comfy? Yes.
Its like hot sex with an ugly chick.
It was good but, dont go around in public with her.

Not to mention it was on BlickBlocks’ passe list.

well broken-in brooks pro in honey is the most beautiful saddle.
on most bikes.

On a touring bike I will agree with you.

i’m really liking the VO toestraps
group buy, anyone? i could set it up.

[quote=“bward1028”]i’m really liking the VO toestraps
group buy, anyone? i could set it up.

I’d be in

alright, no more OT. let’s do it official-like.