Building Up a Touring Bike

Later on down the road I will be getting a touring rig.
Chances are high that it will be the long haul trucker. My decision is between building it up myself and buying the complete.
In the rear I want an 11-34 cassette, and in the front something like a 48/36/26 (I really don’t know)
I’m wondering what some advisable components might be. I’ve been lurking around on bikeforums’ touring section but there is a lot of bullshit to wade through over there.
Almost 100% getting bar end shifters.

Sounds like the stock bike has everything you want.

Yea that’s what I’m thinking. I might just lift one off my friend for a little below the price of a new one.

Look at these two pages on Robert Beckman’s site ( and where he goes into why he sets bikes up the way he does. His stuff is very expensive though.

Unless you’re doing crazy off-road/3rd world touring, most stock bikes like the LHT should work just fine.

I think you’ll save a lot of money buying it stock and then you can replace whatever few little bits that don’t suit you.
I’m going touring around wisconsin on my xtra in the middle of september. Can’t wait!

I will be touring mostly on roads or fairly manageable paths in sweden, norway, denmark, germany, france, holland, and possibly israel. Thanks for the links.

So who wants to go touring with me next summer? I’m super experienced!

I’m in.
I have zero bike touring experiance, but I’ve spent month long streches in the wyoming backcountry on lightly supported(one food drop) climbing expeditions, so I’m no stranger to adversity and I know my way around a campsite.

Dude fuck yeah. Come over to sweden! ... 660156&z=5

holy shit that would be epic.

might just do this for my first or second tour ... 415039&z=7

This is my first weekend bike trip when I’m there: ... 30188&z=10

LHT complete is a damn nice bike.

Dude, sweeden!
Can we go rock climbing by bike?
That would be like heaven to me.

For price/performance it’s probably the best option out there besides used mountain bikes.

[quote=“Rusty Piton”]Dude, sweeden!
Can we go rock climbing by bike?
That would be like heaven to me.[/quote]
Yea I was actually thinking if there are any sick spots along the way (most likely towards the end) that we could do that. I would probably fly back. Once school starts I’m gonna start climbing more.
I have a very dear friend who lives in Grenoble that we could totally stay with.

buy complete.

i just built a touring bike and went touring. it is rad.

if i hadn’t got such a screaming deal on the frame + had most of the parts lying around, i would have bought the lht complete.

ps. fck yurop, ride around this country first, then set your sights elsewhere.

pps. i’m in for next year. serious.

I’d love to tour for a couple months. I can’t rock climb though.

[quote=“biekridder”]ps. fck yurop, ride around this country first, then set your sights elsewhere.

pps. i’m in for next year. serious.[/quote]
Sounds like I’m buying complete. May get a slightly used one from a friend who wishes he could have built his up.
I will be moving to sweden next semester. If I get this bike beforehand then I will definitely do some touring here.

Can’t wait to need these: ... ke_en.html

Unless you work at a shop and have major hookups on stuff, the Long Haul Trucker complete is a better deal than anything you’re going to assemble on your own using a LHT frame.

You can’t climb? That’s a lie. Unless you weigh like three hundred pounds, you can climb.
You may not be able to climb well or at a high level of difficulty, but you can climb.
And if you can’t climb, you can belay.

Yea I had visions of spending upwards of 2k on the entire build, but now that I think about it, this way will allow me to stop cutting corners in other areas that will be more obviously hurting.

There’s good rock in Sweden
Also, Switzerland has epic rock not to mention the Alps, but there’d be no way to cary the gear for serious apline climbing along with all the other crap you need on a bike tour. Wait…maybe there is, I’ve carried it on my back, after all…