bus bike racks....

do any of you guys use them? i’m going car-free starting next week, and will be taking a semi-commute to work. i’ve looked at the racks on the buses here ( i’m assuming they are standard and all buses have the same kind of racks), and they kind of make me nervous. can you lock your bike to them?

There was a thread on RBR a while ago asking this. Apparently they are mostly safe but there have been accidents. But I don’t think these people secured their bike with their lock as well as the big bar thing that hold your bike.

I don’t think I’d be confident in one of those racks if I chained and U-locked my bike twice to be honest.

i’m confident enough in them to sleep on the bus during a driver change.

there’s nothing wrong with them. if you’re super fucking paranoid, sit yours in the holder closest to the driver. it holds two bikes.

oh and yea you can lock your bike on them. the lil arm that goes over your front tire has a lil handle thing that you can lock your front tire through. my mini u locks up my bike to the front.

and chances are nobody’s going to run up to your bike while the bus is at a stoplight with a 15mm wrench, disconnect the tire and run off with the frame

i say do it.

^ thanks. thats all i wanted to know. i feel a little safer now.

Its happened in SF cause ive heard the story.
And heard about others that werent locked getting jacked at stop lights.

yea that’s why i lock mine. my friend said someone stole his friend’s bike in san antonio during a driver change. changed drivers and she walked out and the driver was like “oh that wasn’t yours?”

and that’s pretty weird that someone would really run up to a bike on a bus and remove the rest of it from the front tire. if in doubt, run a cable through the handle-wheel-frame.

but odds of that happening are probably the same as any shitty occurrence, including getting hit by a car the second you get off the bus. and i’ve heard that happen way more times.

if you’re that paranoid dont go to sleep on the bus.

i unlock from it pretty easily.

that and the bus drivers here usually wait for me to put the rack back up, as is courtesy

I always (if I have to ride the stupid bus) try and sit up front or stand where I can see my bike.

Here’s something that happened.
I know the guy.
It was a sad day.





Thats terrible and that big round rapping leprechaun cracks me up.

Allen’s bike got crushed.

I don’t fuck around with bus racks.

The bus hit a big pothole and the bike bounced off the rack and went under the bike’s wheels.

you mean bus’ wheels

Yea ours have these little thingies for keeping them down.

ours do too, but it malfunctioned or something.