Buying a bike in Italy

My roommate is studying abroad this summer. He doesn’t know anything about bikes, but wants to buy one while he’s there. I wrote him a guide on what to look for, but don’t know much about the country itself. Anyone know about the used bike-buying scene there?

I sort of imagine this place as having as many Colnagos and Cioccs as there are Huffys and Nexts here, but I know that ain’t real.

Just use eBay like everyone else in the world.

They have wal-mart bikes just like everyone else. He can get a $100 special at the department store.

He should get a custom frame built at the Scattante shop.


tell him to make sure to try the spaghetti, i hear its good there

and make sure to ask for the unlimited breadsticks.

spits coffee

This thread brings it.