buying a new wheelset

i’d like to get something pretty nice, so i’m ok spending 300-500 clams on the deal. i am not into flashy colored shit. unfortunately i don’t know much about what else is in that range. any suggestions as to what i should be looking at?

Cane Creek Volos

For what kind of bike/riding?

I posted this in some other thread some time ago. Here it is again.This should be well within your budget. Good Luck!..

[quote=“mihlbach”]I put a lot of thought into my current wheels before building them, and thinking only of function/cost rather than fashion, this is about the best custom FG wheelset I can conceive of without blowing wads of cash. I’d be interested in hearing if anyone can build a better (lighter, stronger, more aero) pair of FG wheels for less money.

Heres the breakdown:

Niobium 30 rims (these are rebranded as IRD, Speedcific and others)
Sapim CX ray spokes (a strongly butted, ovalized spoke) with brass nips in the rear and alu in front
Formula rear track hub (28h) (Stock bearings are super smooth!)
Speedcific Serenity front road hub (24h) (made by Formula), with bolt-on skewer

The rear wheel is laced 2x and front is radial. The total weight is just over 1550 grams, and about 500 grams less than Mavic Ellipses. In addition to being lighter, these wheels should be equally as aero, if not slightly more aero, and definitely stiffer, AND CHEAPER.

The cost of parts was close to $320 (bought from, but I built them myself, so factor in a little more for labor if you can’t build them yourself.

Niobium 30 rims are as deep as a Deep V, but way lighter and have an excellent reputation among roadies for durability. You can take about 100 more grams off the wheelset by using a shallower rim, such as an aerohead or IRD cadence, but the wheel will be slightly less aero and slightly less stiff.

Sapim CX ray spokes are the best spokes you can buy, but you can shave at least $60 off the cost by going with a good butted round spoke such as a Wheelsmith DB14. These will weigh slightly more but will result in a wheel this is just as durable.

Most of my riding is fast road riding, and these wheels have taken plenty of curbs, speedbumps potholes etc. I’ve never had to retrue them.I weigh 205. I have a similar pair of roadbike wheels with the same rims and spokes that have held up as well. If you ride really harshly, adding a few more spokes (say 28 in front and 32 in the rear) isn’t a huge weight or aero penalty.[/quote]

I should also add that the Speedcific Serenity hub in the front wheel is a road hub. Track front hubs are boat anchors and unnecessary. Using a road hub is critical to getting the weight down.

Open Pro to 105.

it’s a mercier kilo tt. the bike is basically a holdover until i can afford a nicer frame, so i don’t mind putting semi-expensive parts on it in the meantime.

that was really helpful, thank you!

Hplussons to Dimension.

for the skidz 4 sure

get something tight (As in awesome) and sealed, and get some moderately deep rims, and use dt swiss spokes, or if youre feeling particularly ballin, get phil wood spokes.

im staring at this tight wheelset right now that comprises of silver phil wood hf hubs (fixed/fixed rear) laced 3X (both cuz radial sux) with phil wood spokes to solid black velocity fusions. <—I support an idea like that.

SRSLY ... heels.html

Ignore the MSRP, you can find them for ~$350.00 new. The rims are rebranded Velocity Aeroheads, specially drilled for straight-pull spokes with nipples at the hub, and the hubs roll crazy smooth and look badass as well.

man, that is just like the wheelset i plan on building over the winter if i can save up money. Too bad I don’t even have enough money to pay bills right now.

white deep v’s to white phils with white vittorias.

And white spokes.
A friend of mine built this exact wheelset.

it’s a mercier kilo tt. the bike is basically a holdover until i can afford a nicer frame, so i don’t mind putting semi-expensive parts on it in the meantime.

that was really helpful, thank you![/quote] ... oductId=50

Those are “nice” except they have zero bling factor. You’ll have plenty of cash left over for beer.

MACK hubs laced to IRD Cadence/Niobium 30 rims.

this might be a stupid question, but i honestly don’t know. what is it that makes h plus sons more desirable (functionally) than other deep rims?

this almost definitely is a stupid question, but what is a clincher wheel? you are right though, these look to be high quality.

actually, i came close to buying these first. other than not looking as cool, what am i losing if i got these over the volos or some other deep rim to formulas?

Open Pro to Formula.