Campy strada cranks with Miche bottom bracket

Hi. New here. I picked up a set of old campy strada cranks and I am trying to figure out what bottom bracket to get. Has anyone used a Miche track bottom bracket with these before? I think the old pista cranks used a 109 bracket and I have the seen a 110 miche for sale. I believe they should both be ISO taper. Thanks for any help.


I used this exact setup for about 2 years no problems whatsoever.

dont ride the cranks currently but the tapers are still perfect.

Thanks for the reply. I just wanted to double check. Did you use the 110 miche bottom bracket? Just wanted to make sure it wasn’t the the 107. Also, how close was the chainline?


be careful bolting the cranks on.
if you get overzealous bolting them on each time you ahve to adjust that bb because the cups loosen up…you’ll end up with cranks that don’t work with an actual campy spindle…

pre 1994 campy cranks used jis tapers.

First I have heard of any Campy being JIS. I thought they were always ISO. I would have thought Sheldon Brown would have mentioned this on his discussion of tapers.

No way Jose.

maybe when i get home i’ll get the parts out and take a pic or two of the different spindles.

i promise you, if you keep bolting old campy cranks real tight on a miche bb your crank tapers will be too large for a real campy spindle.
the cups on that miche bb will loosen up.
it happened to me probably 3 times in the year or year and a half that i rode that bb.
you have to torque the fuck out of the cups and put lots of grease on the threads, the cups still have a tendency to loosen up and/or creak alot.
i think two times i noticed it because the cups loosened up, the cartridge moved over just a bit and i could hear my crank arm slider rubbing my chainstay on that side…so i had to turn around, go home and grab another bike. that will piss you off.