can i has

Front brak w/ hipster laced 32 sp0k straight 14 gauge sp0kz w/o dying???

umm… radially laced?

no, if you use a brake you will come to a light, lightly tap the brake and it will blow up and explode. the wheel will unlace itself and the explosion of the brake will cause your head to fly off and land on one of the freed spokes like a head on the london bridge.

edit: yes. you can use a brake. hub brakes are inadvisable, though.

sol, can you interpret?

Any rim brake would be just fine, most high end road wheels and non-disk brake mountain wheels use radial for the front. Don’t use any type of hub brake with a radial lacing pattern.

brak > break.

i can haz break

i cant read lolcat, only write

btw, this thread title is wrong. it should “i can has”

Sry shud b “i can haz”

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Sry shud b “i can haz”

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