Cannondale bad boy or WHAT??????

SO I want a bike with: gears, 700cc wheels and disk brakes. I prefer risers, flat bars or bull horns over drops. However, I am not against drops. I don’t want shocks! I loved my old cannonade mt bike with slicks, and haven’t had a “road bike since …. Well the 80s. I want an around town, commuter, grocery run general purpose bike! I want something that I could commute 20-25 mile each way on (though I can do that on my fixed gear, I want a geared option), but don’t see myself needing something to do centuries every other weekend on ! SO What should I be looking at. The only reason I started looking with the Cannonade is that I was happy with my old one…

Oh yeah I want to stay in the $1000 range ---- obviously less is preferred but I don’t want to go cheap and be pissed three months after I buy it!

surly long haul trucker

personally, for what you want, $1000 seems a bit high to me. 80s or early 90s steel with eyelets would be my choice.

if you really want to spend a grand: cross check or trucker

$1000, is the upper limit. I would be glad to spend less!!!

[quote=Cap-Cap]personally, for what you want, $1000 seems a bit high to me. 80s or early 90s steel with eyelets would be my choice.

if you really want to spend a grand: cross check or trucker[/quote]

We sell a crap ton of badboys… it’s a sick bike. You won’t be disappointed.

Agreed. I’m not a flat bar/riser kinda dude. but if you are, go for it.

SOMA Double Cross Disc with flat/riser bars, SRAM mtb components and hydraulic discs. Fuck yeah.

The bad boy looks pretty cool if you are looking for a mountain bike that has been spec’ed for the street. Just about every bike company also makes a flat bar road bike with 700c wheels and a more road oriented triple or compact crank. I’d say try at least one of the flat bar road bikes just to see how you like it. You already know how much different 26" and 700c feel on the street. They generally have clearance for up to 32mm tires and usually start around the $700 range. I used to sell Giant and Raleigh and the flat bar bikes were flying off the shelf when gas prices started to go up a few years ago.

The Traitor Cycles Ruben bike sounds pretty much like what you’re looking for.

badboy has 700c wheels stock. the idea is that you can add 26" ones with trail tires and turn it into a mountain bike. out of the box it comes with 700x28’s

My dilemma is that I Don’t want a mountain bike or a straight up road bike, I want an urban street bike, I am not that cool, but don’t know what else to call it. If I had to pick I would be leaning towards the road bike (or the Cannondale). Like I said I am not against drops, I just have not ridden them in years. I am sure would adjust just fine, or could always switch them. I also like the idea of road gearing (bigger chain ring) I could be happy with a 1x9. My other option is to buy a frame and just build it up like I want it. But that could get pricey.

I do like the cross check, I looked at the Traitor,it is in the direction I am leaning but It seamed over priced. Maybe a good option for a build.

You could always grab a Novara Big Buzz for like 800. Mechanical discs, road gearing, flat bar, sram drivetrain. Plus if you have that 20% off coupon, you can knock another 160 off of the price.

HMMM the Novara, could be a practical option, it actually fits my description better than the c-dale, gearing and no shock!

There’s also the Kona Dr Dew. That comes with Shimano bits and, strangely, hydraulic discs.

not trying to jack the thread, but what was the name of that bike that has disc brakes, i believe it is singlespeed with cross geo? it comes in two slightly obnoxious colors, and one classic.

^ I am not sure but I think one is the Raleigh sleak. I saw one today by following suggestions one or two this thread^^^

concerning the trucker: depending on your height, you might get a 26" model. they don’t get 700cs until size 56.

dude you can get a marin that has everything you’re talking about for 675

ive never owned one or anything, but for what you’re talking about, the bike sounds pretty ideal.
i rode this model and it was a pretty sweet ride.
they make a single speed as well that’s only like 475.