carbon fork halp

I received a full carbon fork for my birthday. I was expecting a carbon fork with an aluminum steer tube, but I instead received a full carbon fork.

I have read online that you should not use a star nut with a carbon steerer, is this true? My cane creek S2 did not come with anything other than a star nut and does not mention carbon steer tubes in the directions. Do I need to buy something to use in place of the star nut?

Also, how should I cut the steer tube? Is a regular hack saw okay?

Sorry for the bikeforums-esque noob questions, I just figure I’d get a good, quick response from the tarckness.

Do not use a star nut. You need an expansion plug. Easy to find, but I’d would’ve thought your fork would come with one.

edit: I’d think a hacksaw would be fine, but it might splinter.

carbon steerer tubes need special expansion thingies. any shop’ll have em, for about 12 bucks. i had a slightly harder time cuz i was hunting for a 1" one, but was still able to get it locally.

have a shop cut the steerer.

also, what about the crown race? mill it down or just slap it on there?

That same shop that is going to cut the steerer has a tool for that too… if you don’t have the tool just ask them nicely to do it for you.

If you have a saw guide and a hacksaw (Park Tools recommends a 32 tpi hacksaw blade), you can cut your own carbon steerer tube. The Saw guide is important, though. You can’t be cuttin’ your steerer tube all willy nilly. Park tool also suggests keeping the carbon wet to minimize dust.

Of course, you still need a shop to grind down the crown race (unless you happen to have a crown race cutter around), so you may as well have them cut your steerer tube for you.

by the way, you spelled crabon wrong

Crown race cutter shouldn’t be required. The fork should be ready to go, just hit it with the crown race. Cutting the fork without splintering is a bit tricky. Also, tape the cut before you begin, this will help prevent splintering. Sand the edges afterward away from the direction of the fibers.

You’ll need an expansion plug rather than a star nut. A star nut would mangle the fibers inside the steerer.

Brent says go to campus cyclery.

Also he says use masking tape and a carbon blade for the hack saw if you’re gonna do it yourself. And a vice and a cutting guide.

And expander plug, like everyone else said.

from the last few posts i think it would be a good idea to use some sort of guide and hacksaw and put tape on the fork with tape before you cut it, apparently this will help with splintering.
also you should plug it rather than using nuts. atmo.

Also, if you cut it yourself, it can be helpful to cut like 3/4 of the way through, then flip it over and cut the rest of the way from the opposite side (helps prevent the layers on one side from peeling away). I think this is a Zinn suggestion but I have seen it work. Don’t use a pipe cutter.

thanks guys, to the bike shop i go for an expander bolt

use clear nail polish on the exposed ends of the fibers

Clear nail polish will restore broken and chipped carbon fiber to its previous glory.

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