Carl strong frame - $gone

Hey, just got this off eBay- was feeling the want for a skinny tubed steel rims brake road bike. I don’t really have the space though, and realistically the wraith I have probably matches my partners cx bike better for when we ride togetber.

Excuse the ugly build, was just to see how the fit felt.

And here’s the eBay listing :


Some scratches and scrapes, and the dent on the downtube as detailed in the ad from the previous seller

I’d like to keep my deadender chorus group, but if someone wants a more complete build let me know (but we all like to dither our own bikes, right?)

Phew, thank goodness its too big for me. I was getting nervous i was gonna have another potential project on my hands

Could you fit a disc hub in the back?

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I love sloping top tube steel bikes for some dumb reason.

Cuz moto

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No takers? Trying to avoid craigslist and ebay, but I just don’t have the space right now

pm sent.

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