CAT6 Forever


[quote=EddBread]Had a guy on his Kona Paddy Wagon catch up to me as I was running late for work and say

“You’ll probably go faster on skinnier tyres”
Me: “I’m late for work!”
“You do a lot of touring?”
Me: “All the time, I’m touring right now”

Lately I’ve been getting up late and rushing to get to work, it sucks![/quote]

da fuq? Shut the fuck up, random Kona owner.


My current commute is 30km of mostly bike lanes and since I’ve been leaving the house at 5:00 I’m almost alone the whole time.

Been going home around 18:30 it’s pretty empty going home too.

Got passed and dropped by another roadie once and tried to keep up, but didn’t stand a chance.

It’s awesome. I’m gonna miss it when I’m done here after next week.


To be fair I was on 2.1 ThunderButts


I went to a city council meeting and they didn’t vote the way that I wanted, so on the way home I caught up with the alderperson who bikes to work and handily cat 6’d his ass.



I love it!


My favorite thing about bike commuting in the midwest is the fact that anything over a 0% chance of rain basically empties every single bike path.