CAT6 Forever


One of my least favorite bike interactions: me, passing a mixed-gender couple riding a few dozen feet apart on a bike trail. Pass the man, who immediately bellows “Look OUT honey there’s a GUY on a BIKE coming up PAST YOU”. like okay dude, I’m pretty sure that she and I can handle my passing her, just like I did you. Do you need to be in charge of things? Were you a coxswain on your college rowing team?


what kind of an animal wastes bread…

But for real. We are all mostly adults and don’t have time to be attacking people with food. There is a good chance they were ignorant and not awesome before. Doubt its gonna change after they are beat with wonderbread.


I’m sorry to report that I know that bread story


Rather than have some meaningless cat6 race against the pathletes today, I ran across some older guy on a converted 80s trek MTB commuter fredsled, much like my commuter fredsled, and we had a chat about the virtues of rechargeable batteries and 2x vs 3x drivetrains.

I still got to work on time.


two fredsleds in harmony, warms the cockles


I called a guy an asshole today for nosing his Mercedes into the bike lane and he threatened to fight me then called me a pussy. He then did some bad “Nelson from the Simpsons”-type laughing at me and then immediately took the next left turn. He must have been really jacked up on his coffee because at my body mass, I generally get a lot more honking than explicit invitation to throw down. Maybe it will be a good story for his Crossfit buddies?..


OH I forgot I had a great cat6 moment the other week. I was heading into the shop on sunday morning and as such I was in no-bag life. On the wolverine with a rando bag in pants and a flannel. A roadie about my age rolled up to ask about my dyno hub and we got to chatting. Coming the other way on the MUP is another roadie who almost runs both of us off the path. My roadie guy curses him out and under his breath bitches about roadies.

It was great. Me in full blown normal clothes cruising slowly on 2" tires with a rando bag and roadie guy in a kit on a full carbon bike getting along great. I had mentioned what shop I worked at and I was really hoping he’d come by at close for a beer.


Sometimes on nice days I run into this gang of elementary school kids on BMX bikes in a neighborhood I commute through.
This one dude always challenges me to competitions.
A couple weeks ago we did wheelies, today we raced for about a block after lining up and making this dude count down for us.
Gonna say its a cat 6 win all around.


ha, that’s great!


that is the grade 6 cat 6, aka the best kind


Tell me you shit talk the kid the whole way
Future bike racer I’m sure


Some guy on a crockett-ish crossbike thing kept leapfrogging me at stoplights today.

Then I nuked him going through the park.

Felt good.


got dropped by some dude on a Rawland, felt awkward


that viking steel, baby


Waiting for a light on a downhill into downtown today (Pike & Boren for you Seattle nerds). Start from a stop when the light turns green and a guy slowly and shittily passes me on the right, not really completing the pass but forcing me left. Then he starts to coast. So I mildly drop the hammer and put in some distance before my turn two blocks later. Feels good man.


I got passed by another guy on an orange Wolverine with paint matched fenders the other day.
As he passed me, he shouted “WOLVERINE CLUB!” and gave a thumbs up.


Why didn’t he just yell “wolverines!!!”?




One a really shitty snow day last week I was riding my longtail cargobike on the greenway. I passed two other folks, also riding longtails. As I passed them, I turned, gave a dorky thumbs up, and said “Longtail club! Rad!”

They just looked at me and said nothing.



not really cat6 but got a great old man e-bike draft. Going 23 into a headwind all the way home from the climbing gym. Feels good. Dude was nice.