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It’s passive aggressive to do back to someone exactly what they did to initially annoy you. In general dudes could stand to give women a little more space in public.

It’s also 100% not cool to draft someone in traffic, I usually stop pedaling and drift right if someone is trying to use me as a windshield. The few times I’ve had to come to a complete stop and verbally instruct someone to pass me or drop back were all with rookie racer dudes.


That’s hard. That is one of those situations where having a different response depending on sex seems way more sexist than just treating everyone the same. I could see my partner having the same response as yours though.

Usually I either just slow down to the point where they pass or I speed up and drop em. Sometimes I pull for awhile, then I’ll ask em if they wanna pull for awhile. They usually either try it or act super shameful/confused and suddenly remember a turn they missed.


If she felt unsafe with you sucking her wheel maybe she should consider how others feel when she does that to them. Regardless of gender. I wouldn’t sweat it.


Agreeing with this.

Last year I was riding a downhill only trail for the first time, on a new to me bike, after having not been on a mtb for any length of time for years. I could hear someone coming up behind me and pulled off to let them pass. After she passed I got back on and ended up catching up with her. It took me about a minute to think better of it. I was following her more closely than I probably should any stranger, male or female, and she was riding alone. So, I pulled off again and waited longer this time. No reason to be all in her space like that.


Regardless of gender, I’d say that if you’re drafting a stranger in traffic, you are being a douche. The same is true even if you’re doing it as a passive aggressive response to someone else’s d-baggery.

Two wrongs don’t make a right, etc.

I can sympathize with a lady being weirded out by the stop and wheelsuck, even if your intentions were purely passive aggressive, rather than creepily passive aggressive. Not that that excuses her previous behavior.


It sounds to me like she was being a douche but didn’t know it, so in her world, she’s just doin her thing. Then dude she’d been drafting gets all weird about it so she has a weird reaction to mitigate weird dude, who she probably thinks is being a dick for no reason.

Maybe she understood Rusty’s reaction and was embarrassed? Maybe she realized a few minutes in that drafting in traffic is shitty and then had an agro dude on her wheel.

Regardless, unless a woman is being malicious, don’t get malicious back. A smaller woman being annoying to a larger man isn’t scary, but vice versa is.

On a larger note, who the fuck thinks it’s safe to draft anyone, let alone strangers, in traffic? I had to whip-skid once back in my fixy days to avoid a crowd getting off a tram and I took a dude’d front wheel right out, which is the only time I’ve witnessed a crash and not stopped to ask if they were ok.


I typically will ride much more slowly than normal to give women more space between them and me, unless I feel like I can blow past them in a not-jerky way. I hate feeling like the creep staring at a butt on a bike.


Same here.


Same here.[/quote]


I avoid the entire issue by riding in the opposite direction whenever I see a woman on a bicycle.

It does get awkward when I’m boxed in.


The worst thing happened to me. I was at the top of a hill on my commute and saw a guy walking, wow, a medium size pig. It was just chilling out eating some grass from out of the sidewalk cracks. I was starting to pedal away and got passed by a woman. So i said “Did you see that pig?”? Instantly i could see that no, she didn’t, and had decided instead that i had called her a pig for no reason. Of course this was a perfectly reasonable conclusion for her to have drawn. Anyway she fucking split fast. I tried to chase her to explain but saw that this was only making it all worse. Oh well, maybe someday she will see the pig.


holy shit







Similarly to Squirrel, that’s why I don’t talk to women


Also this is why when I’m following a woman on a bike, I always stare intently at her left shoulder. In the case that she turns around, she will lock eyes with me and know that I was definitely not looking at her butt


What an annoying commute today. It topped 71 degrees in Denver, which brought every shitfuck stravasshole pathlete out in force.

And there I was, on my 50lb fredsled, 3 dozen hoagie rolls strapped to the front, no water, wearing jeans and a button down. Got passed by probably $30,000 worth of dusty carbon, squeaky drivetrains, and Colorado flag jerseys. That’s not what bothers me though, it’s their attitude.

“Here’s a guy that looks like he just got done grocery shopping, Im gonna pass him within inches on a downhill curve at 35mph without saying anything”. This continued for 18 miles.

I’m riding a mixed terrain century on the ruiner tomorrow, and I’m taking the nerdavinden to work on monday, and I’m gonna wreck everybody’s shit on the way home.


I never know what to say or do when I pass people. If I have a bell, I ring it, but if not I don’t know what to do or say, so I pass silently always assuming they think I’m an asshole. If I’m drafting them too long while waiting for traffic to clear I feel like an asshole, but if I pass closely so as not to draft for too long, I still feel like an asshole. I’ve come to accept that cycling faster than someone on the same street is just an assholish thing to do.

Similar to the pig incident, I combat suicide squirrels by making kissy noises at them (it sounds like an angry squirrel, so instead of running into my wheels they run the other way). So one day I’m passing a woman heading in the opposite direction and immediately follow with kissy noises cuz incoming squirrel.

I debated about turning around and chasing her down to explain, but decided to just keep moving.


I click my cheeks (like you would to a horse) at squirrels and birds


I hiss like a snake