Chain Group Buy

I can get Izumi V NJS for ~$45 shipped or HKK Vertex for ~$40 shipped. Minimum is 10 orders of each. Anyone interested?

I’d be more down for that non-NJS DID

If you need a 1/8" chain, just get a Wipperman Whitestar for $20.

Yeah, those whitestars are really nice, and not that heavy.

40bux is WAY more than I am willing to pay for a chain.
I’ll bet my LBS would hook me up with a NJS chain for like 25 if I was into that kind of thing.

seriously? chain group buy? come on

Shut up.

I was just offering, no harm in trying. I go through a couple chains a year.

I can sell you chains.
Gold, platinum… Whatever you want.
Bling bling.


He forgot only when I am drunk :colbert:

that’s hot

that is the gnarliest sausage party I have ever laid eyes on

KMC pink chain group buy!!