I just broke my sram chain for the third time and it is just pissing me off, what chains do you guys ride, i am looking a good fairly cheep alternative.

Sounds like you need someone to help you put it together correctly.

What model of SRAM chain are you using? I have found pretty much every SRAM chain I have used to be very reliable. DH is right that you are probably making a mistake when you install it.

I like the Wipperman Whitestar chain, for what it is worth.


All I ever use are the cheap ass KMC Z chains. I’ve only broken one ever, and that was the day after a drunken night of bike maintenance. I’m pretty doubtful that it was a coincidence.

oh hell yeah. only ever broken them on the BMX

or someone to make sure you have the proper tension…
the only time I ever had a chain problem was when I road around with it to lose and was to lazy to tighten it… going down a long step hill in traffic. needles to say I learned my lesson.

also, no one is too good for a quick link. use it. not using one on your brand new chain that comes with one is just an exercise in masochism.

I’m pretty sure this isn’t what you were trying to say.

i road around with it to win.

track bike has cheap ol’ z cahin
road had cheap ol’ z chain
i cahnged it to sram and it shifts so much better
i have cheap ol’ Izumi to put on track bike next

Good call. Your track bike will shift so much better with that Izumi.

no it won’t.

Oh. Nevermind then.

maybe deebo snatched your chain


i run a kmc bmx chain on my fixed and shimano chains on everything else.

i used to break sram chains pretty frequently. i made the switch when a broken sram chain almost put me in the hospital.

i still have no idea how or why i talked the ambulance drivers into letting me walk…


People complain about KMC Z chains stretching, but I never noticed it, and even if it stretched, it not like it matters, because the chain isn’t doing any shifting. They’re cheap and strong, and perfect for the job.

My greatest fear is snapping a chain on some epic descent. I think I trust my SRAM though.

i’ve never had a chain withstand my fury, and parker!

this aint mine but i’z got same one