Chainstay protectors

I have a couple of factory chainstay protectors that are pretty beaten up (basic clear glue-on type). I’d like to remove them and, maybe, replace them.

Will Goo-Gone work fine for disolving/removing the chainstay protector adhesive? That worked fine for removing factory stickers.

Any recommendations for replacements? Prefer adhesive and unobtrusive. Could use a clear version on one project and a black version on another.


This something I’ve never heard of.
Explain purpose?

to protect the stay from chainslap.

Keeps your stays from getting scratched up if you drop your chain.

I would imagine goo gone would work. If it doesn’t try something more heavy duty, maybe lacquer thinner.

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Goo Gone will work, always has for me (with varying amounts of effort). I like the velcro neoprene Lizard Skin chainstay protector, but I think it only looks good on MTB or CX rigs.

Goof off ftw


I use batrape.

im gonna cut vinyl for mine. prolly use 3m clear bra vinyl

hairdryer + goo gone + plastic razor blades ftw

reading fail. have no suggestions except tuffy tire liners.

planning to wrap the tubes of the trek after i get it painted

You want this;

Don’t buy one of those silly neoprene covers. If you want durable protection that is also going to deaden the sound of chain slap, do what every other MTBer already does and use an old tube and some zip ties. If it has to be small and indiscreet, people are saying really positive things about the helicopter leading edge tape

For small and indiscreet, I’d go with something in safety orange or maybe zebra stripes.

i just went to the lbs and asked for one and they just gave it to me. they sell masi and said that all the bikes come with an extra protector. it’s clear, probably 14 mil, pretty thick.

why not just use an old tube? Slice it down the side an wrap it?

Why slice it?

I’ve got mine wrapped like this. Looks rugged and it’s thick enough that it deadens the noise from chainslap entirely.