Challenge Clinchers

Challenge Parigi-Roubaix Clincher Tire - Black/Brown

Can anyone vouch for these?

yes. they are pretty much on par with veloflex paves as far as I could tell. feel great, rides perfect, wears very quick, no puncture resistance whatsoever. I also recommend gommitalia calypso k clinches if you’re looking for the high tpi / gumwall thing. cheaper than the challenges usually.

Between these and Veloflex, I’d take the Veloflex, but they’re both basically the best clincher tires in the world.

I was looking at Paves, but these bad boys are 5mm wider.

It’s basically between these and the Pro 3 Race in 25.

GP4000S (with a capital S / black chili)

GP4000S (with a capital S / black chili)[/quote]

Never seen the chili ones larger than a 23.

actually, scratch my previous suggestion.

If you track down the regular old GP4000, get the ones with black chili. they come in 25s…and are exactly the same as GP4000S, just with a different logo.

Make sure they have black chili, though. the colored tires are not black chili…only the black.

I emailed continental a few months back and asked them if this was true. they confirmed. GP4000S = GP4000 with bc and different logo

this says black chili in black…

i just bought challenge clinchers. theyre cross tires though, so im no help

[quote=zombie]I was looking at Paves, but these bad boys are 5mm wider.

It’s basically between these and the Pro 3 Race in 25.[/quote]

I’ve still got those Pro 3 Races in 25. Like new. PM me if you’re interested.

I have seen more than a few Challenge tires that the tread has separated from the carcass. I know some guys who were sponsored on the road by them and pretty much hated the tires.

Challenge cross tire = good (but short lived like any high end cross tire is)
Challenge road tires = bad

i picked up some grant peterson approved tires recently. haven’t used them, but another good option, and cheaper than the challenge tires (which i also considered).

Let me know how those Ruffy Tuffys are. I think I’m going to be replacing my massive 35c Randonneurs with those in a few weeks.

I had a set of Ruffy Tuffys. They’re alright. Kinda slow feeling.