Cheap Tires

If anybody wants to check out some 19’s or is just looking for some dirt cheap tires:

14 bucks a set cant be beat really.

Thanks for the description REI. I’m sure those are amazing commuter tires.

WTF would anyone want 19’s?

For being racy.

weekend warrior use 19 to slice slice slice through snow and one day become weekend ninja.

Fuck a Hwa Fong. Cheng Shins are shitty enough.

my cheng shin rear flatted twice in a week after like one other flat since october on real tires


kenda kontender 26c is where its at for cheap durable tyres.

Damn, only 369 grams, too! I’m a fillin’ my virtual cart with these thangs!

I’ve bought 700 x 20s on sale before, and also bought 27 x 7/8 (approx 18s) on sale before. They sit in my garage taking up space. I should’ve just spent more money buying tires I’d actually want to use.

Yes. Yes, you should have.

These are about $50 in the us, and come with free shipping from PBK:

I buy the Forte 6 dollar tires… They work well…

[quote=jensvejmand]These are about $50 in the us, and come with free shipping from PBK:[/quote]
eat some dicks.
varifrån kommer du?

don’t give them business, please.

Panaracer Urban Max are great great tires for 15 bux.
In two solid years of nigh daily usage, I have NEVER had a flat on mine.
Unfortunatly, they only come in 32.

Continental Ultras motha fuckas
I payed like $15 for each and have never had a flat in the 7 months I’ve been using them (knock on wood)

I don’t understand why people will spend several hundreds on a downtube decal but will still use ride the shittiest tires they can find.

Seriously, tires are kinda important.
No Maxis DETANTORs for me thnx.

because you dont get ill street cred for riding hutchinsons.

My Pro 2 Race got me mad cred in it’s day.