Check out my janky ass...

…conversion! What you guys think?

not all the way done with it yet… but i’m broke :frowning:

did you hack off the braze ons and cable stops?

There are people in the world that “get it” and there are people in the world that don’t. You belong to the latter group. Cheers!

this is like the most sad bike day ever in my life. really.
really really.

I hope this is troll cos real shitty

why buy a cheapass trackbike when you can ruin a roadbike?

way to murder a nice road bike, guy.


kitties just died because of what you did. i hope you’re happy.


that bike doesnt even have horizontal dropouts…


This is the worst place you could possibly post that bike. Everyone here appreciates older steel bikes and MANY of us ride them. You fucked that bike in the ass and now it has no choice but to be a “janky conversion” for the rest of it’s time.

It’s one thing to do it to a piece of shit, but that was a nice frame.

I see bikes like that every single weekend. I feel like I should say something negative about it, but then I think “well I see it every day almost, and I don’t say anything then, why should I now?”


an excellent question

This guy is just one of many janky retentionless riding ding dongs out there, but he decided to make a thread about it.

edit: does that say true fucking temper on the top tube? Fuck this guy. Somebody bring down the banhammer.

Momma always told me if I have nothing nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.
So with that said, “Nice porch.” :slight_smile:

Post your janky ass or GTFO.

fuck that, just GTFO.