Christ,I busted my nuts today!

I was racing another rider across campus today and sheared the bolts on my chain ring during a standing sprint. My nuts hit the stem when the chain ring came off the crank and the chain threw and I have no idea how I avoided a face plant. I am still sore from that.

How much torque does it take to shear chain ring bolts? Yeah, they were tight, up to torque spec with a torque wrench on assembly and had been retorqued already.

wtf are you superman?

Was this on your rediculous fixed ratio?

No, I dropped it back to 68 GI. Much faster acceleration and a lot more ridable.[quote=“Lurk”]Was this on your rediculous fixed ratio?[/quote]

damn - that sucks. sorry about your balls and all… i did enjoy picturing you racing across campus though.

I would have preferred to avoid the last few seconds of the race. :colbert:

Actually, all I can figure is maybe I had a bolt that wasn’t up to snuff material wise and when it went, the rest cascaded. That or I got sold counterfeit Grade 8 Track bolts.

that’s scarier than counterfeit jeans.

oh god my nuts hurt right now just thinking about it.

you are superman for sure.

That’s a definite no shitter, Teh Scientist! More painful as well. :colbert:

first it was the brake lines. now they’re cutting our chainring bolts. WILL IT NEVER END

are your chainring bolts made of lead?

that’s nu… er… crazy

I’m thinking aluminum bolts. Those things suck, go to steel.


that’s nu… er… crazy[/quote]


Tom, I feel your pain.
A couple weeks ago I was riding trails and I came to this real steep V shaped ravine, bombed it started up the other side and hit a 1 foot rock about half way up. My bike endoed and my package flew forwards, colliding hard with my stem. Luckily my balls were spaired, but the head of my dick was squished between my stem and my leg. Shit hurt like hell.
I’m no superman like you though, just a really bad mountain biker aparently.

You’ve already had all the kids you want correct?

tom needs to get one of those things that deathhare hangs from the back of his saddle rails.
some sort of spiritual protector.

Top tube protector, problem solved. Thats why everyone is putting those on their bikes… I finally understand.

/\ that and makes carrying your bike on shoulder a whole bunch easier

thats brutal…