Christmas Rides

Did anyone go on an epic ride on Christmas day? Or any kind of ride at all? Here’s an excuse to talk about it.

I just rode around San Francisco, through the Richmond district and fucked around on the little dirt paths in Golden Gate Park on my Trek for a couple of hours this afternoon. Good times, good weather and lots of slipping and sliding in the mud. Slick tires + mud = tons of fun. Just keep the air pressure low. I even stumbled across a moderately sized jump in the park, just off of Fulton. Didn’t hit it, because I’m a pussy, but now I know.

Now you.

Rode around some MUPs near Oakland airport with the wife until headwind and illness brought our ride to an early end.

Im’a try and get some riding in tomorrow, and may ride in an alleycat in Pleasanton on Sunday.

Rode some flatland BMX in the garage with my baby brother.

i rode my wifes bike up the block and back

I looked at my bike wishing I could ride it but plans and rain got in the way :frowning:

I hiked some awesome single-track and wished I had a bike.

I looked at my bikes before I walked out the door and drove around to a bunch of houses for individual Christmases.

Haven’t touched a bike today for the first time since I don’t know when.
Feels good man.

i should have taken a ride yesterday. it was cold but really clear and sunny. today there it is pouring.

I rode for about 75 minutes before my feet went numb. It was 15F. Not sure of the windchill. The roads were real empty, but in good condition. It was epic because it was the first time I ended up with water frozen on my face (mask) after a ride.

Francis and I went ridin christmas day

Went out for about 15-20 miles, nothing major, didn’t have much time for anything else. Great day out though.

I wish the weather didn’t blow here. I’m jealous of all your Southern motherfuckers.

It was about 60 and partly cloudy in Memphis yesterday. Really strange weather for Christmas but I’ll gladly take it. I rode up to a park a few miles from home and did a couple of miles on the track since it was empty.

Wasn’t christmas day, but I took my father-in-law’s old GT mtn bike out for a test ride after I did some maintenance on it. ‘Twas cool having knobby tires, but they didn’t do much once I got on anything that wasn’t packed down. I was still slippin’ all over the place and unable to go faster than walking pace on the snowmobile trails near my parents’ place. So then I walked for a few yards, got back on, and repeated this routine 'til I got back on a rideable surface. Otherwise, wasn’t able to ride AT ALL for ALMOST A WEEK, which is un-fucking heard of for me. Now I’m back home and am about to take a load of stuff to goodwill on my trailer though. That’ll be good. ... sbikes.flv

went riding w/ uncle and brosef


went riding w/ uncle and brosef[/quote]

sick ass ride mang. drank a lot of alcohol, went riding w/ uncle. he hasnt been on a bike in over 15 years haha. then almost crashed at the end of the video

I rode to the bar after family dinner, hung out with friends, and then rode home really fast because i had to pee really bad.

xmas riding was sickk. spent an hour detouring the way to work at 6, then went to my partner’s in the afternoon and home in the eve for dinner. not too windy, no clouds, about 28C (~82F) and the streets were fucking deserted