Ciao Dario

Let’s take some time to remember this inspiring man.

His work. The way he spoke about the bike. The way he imparted his personality into his frames and treatment have all been a keystone inspiration for how I work. I owe him a lot for existing.

in bocca al lupo Dario

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Vale Dario.


good pin, huge loss :frowning:

Damn. RIP Dario.

So freaking sad.

Very sad day.

catch the spider

i got to thinking about jan heine review of a dario bike and had a good laugh. couldnt find the write up tho

always wondered what dario thought

He’d probably have laughed and been cool about it. I think he’d been above worrying about what other people think of him for decades by that point.

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Didn’t he(Dario) write a couple posts in the indignant vsalad thread that followed his review?

watching this again today.

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