Classy Rim/Wheelset Chat

Talk to me about classy nonmachined rims. Just clean and sturdy.

They’re going on my Vivalo build.

Something along the lines of VO’s. Anyone got anything to say about them?

E-Rock had a set. He seemed to like em.

I just built up a pbp.
it’s pretty good.

[quote=turpencat]I just built up a pbp.
it’s pretty good.[/quote]
Got any action pics? I always like to see stuff in use before I buy.

mid trueing

My Sun M13 is doing pretty good. I’m not crzay about single eyelets but they’re so damn cheap.

By action pics I meant installed. Tires and all.

I was looking at those M13s but one one website it said they weren’t being made polished anymore. Not a deal breaker though.

I found a polished m13 at Niagara. They may not be being made but there are definitely still polished ones around.

wait for hplusson boxxxxxxxxxxx

Amz has a set on DA7800 hubs, got around 1k on them, they pretty nice. atmo.

The VOs or the m13s?

How long? Trying to have this done before mine and AndeeK’s birthday ride at the end of October. (She gave me the frame for our birthday last year.)

I’ve been running VO rims for a year. Nary a problem and probably been trued 2 or 3 times total since building, mostly minor touchups on the rear wheel.


VO’s if you have the dough, M13’s if you’re cheap.

Sun CR18 are nice, especially for the price. Bit heavy and have a seam. Build up mostly straight. VO rims build up pretty nice, still have a seam, but it’s not as bad.

WTH it’s just a rim. They all work just fun (unless they don’t).

Woops, I was referring to CR18’s the entire time, sorry for confusion. That’s the polished rim i found at Niagara.

I mentioned these in another thread but I’ll plug them again, at the risk of stealing business from tzusing’s not-yet-available BOXXX.

silver, polished, double wall, Japanese, kinda wide, slightly overpriced (but in line with what the market will bear), seller loves Jesus

Just get the VO wheelset.

Any more info on the VO set? Like how wide they are, how much they weigh…?