I think I’m going to buy this bike. Any opinions?

love it. it’s not a cross check.

Not bad.

^ that’s funny, i was totally thinking cross check or clubman.

I would prefer a Kona Honky Tonk personally, but I am one of those freaks who likes downtube shifters.

wtf do you want the bike for milo?

^ really, i was thinking that brifters on a 900-1000$ dollar bike, plus the awesome saddle is a good deal.

i want a steel road bike with rack and fender options, and i want something new.

i’m a fan of the volpe, but that may not be road enough for you. i’m digging that clubman.

^ the volpe is an option, but it seems like less of a value.

yeah looking at the clubman i’d say go for it.

I love the old Clubmans. They’re such badass bikes. It’s just one of my favourite bike models ever.

Someone at my school has an old clubman frame converted into an atrocious tarck singlespeed, with front brake only, no toeclips and a 12 inch wide flat bar on a shitty looking riser stem. Too bad.

This new one looks all right, although the sloping top tube doesn’t really do it for me aesthetically. It’s definitely cool to see more bikes meant to satisfy the requirements of general road riding as opposed to racing or touring.


Even though I’m slightly opposed to the use of the “Clubman” name, it looks like a pretty decent bike. What’s the price on it?

I’m glad to see more and more bike companies adding bikes like this (Sport bikes?) to their lineup, instead of trying to sell everyone race bikes.

i have an old clubman and love it.

Yeah, how much is it. It looks pretty rad to me but I can’t find msrp anywhere.

That’s a nice looking bike. I had no idea that even existed.

Raleigh has been stepping up their game for the last few years for sure.

Raleigh lists it as $$$$, which I think means 900-1100$.

Raleigh lists it as $$$$, which means 700-1100$.[/quote]

edit: also I wihs the sojourn didn’t hve such a shitty frame. Seriously if they put a little effort into this bike it would be an amazing deal.

i saw one for cheap at valencia cyclery and was sad to hear about the frame’s weight.

The Sojourn is obese. That thing’s gotta be 40 lbs.