Cole's Bike Tour thread

Hey alll,

I’m leaving tomorrow on my approximated 1300 mile bike tour down the west coast. I’m going to post pics of the davidson rig tomorrow before I head out to the coast (by car) to get dropped off at our starting point of Florence, Oregon.

I’m pretty jazzed about this whole thing, but a little stressed out, as everything only came together in the last couple days. (and there are still things to be figured out)

I will hopefully be posting some pictures of the beautiful coastline, and maybe some chat in here as well.

I didn’t really have a thread, so I decided to make one.

think good thoughts.

Awesome, good luck!

Are you rolling solo?

I’ll be in la a few weekends this/next month. Maybe we can meet up if the times coincide.

good luck buddy

Say hi when you are in SF

Good Luck, Cole. I’ll take good care of your sp0k

I’m not riding solo, I’m riding awesome.

pics of davidson to come.

cole rules OK!

Shower / beer / BBQ in Santa Barbara if you need/want it. Bed too if you’re cute LOL :bear:

Good luck!

Have fun! Sounds super epic. That’s like…118 tarck centuries!!!

If you need beer/bbq/shower in santa cruz, hit me up. I can also let you into the Bike Coop if you need to work on your bike.

Hell yes! Thanks dudes! Pics of davidson on my
flickr. Search for weallwait. I’m on my phone so kid of not savvy. Woooo were in coos bay, Oregon.

looks pretty badass.

does it handle ok with load?
definately looks like touring geometry…fckn awzm.

Yellow tape! More load! Awesome.

looks good! be careful with the handle on those panniers. i picked up a new pair of those for $10 and the handle ripped off with a heavy load.

wow! this is something i’ve always wanted to do. hope you have a good time and my tarck bear be watching over you. :bear: