In which we talk about “the dry heat”.

Anyone going to this? Great group of people, and you can demo a surly for the weekend if you want.

Aw dang I would but I’m either gonna be in Albany for a thing with sup or in Asia for twerk that weekend :’-(
I would love to demo a surly for the lols


Maybe you can make it out to one of the winter ralleye things that drwelby posts. I went to one of them last year and it was a blast, somewhere in between poopcamping and bikesharting.

NoNoCo calendar:

Oct 6: NoCo Gravelo - 60 miles around Red Feather Lakes, social camping before/after, aspens might be poppin’

Oct 13: FoCo 102 - ride every trail in Fort Collins if you can

Nov 11: Winter Ralleye - Border Patrol

Dec 8: Winter Ralleye - Pennock Pass Pedal Party

Dec 12-13: Winter Ralleye - Two Days of Cold Toes campout

Feb 16: Winter Ralleye - High Plains Roller

Mar 24: Winter Ralleye - Weld County Waltz

April 27-28: Winter Ralleye Finaleye - Prairie Fireball campout

I would like that
I should make it down to Denver for one of your weekday rides too, I haven’t been having as much weeknight fun as was used to before I moved here

O hell yeah

Every Tuesday we meet up a 7pm, rides average 7-8mi one-way, “fast casual” pace. We end up with some fast fuckers that zip off the front, and we always wait up for the slowest riders.

There’s lots of beer involved.

My friend sort of runs this thing, usually these are gonna be a mix of either slow casual cruises, or absolute roadie grinders, always on a saturday or sunday.

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that sounds fun

been meaning to make it out a tuesday, but wednesday morning is our online midterm testing slot this semester :confused:

bummer, next week is a "camp"fire in someone’s back yard

Saturday riding Deer Creek if anyone wants to join. Pace however you feel like pacing and session some gnar.

Damn, I’ve got a prior ride this Sat.

Are you doing deer creek on the road, or on the mtb trail?

If road, I highly suggest that you take the “highgrade” route instead, it’s harder and more rewarding.

Doing the Deer Creek MTB stuff. There’s a bunch of new trail I want to check out.

Anybody going to Tour of the Moon in GJ?

I wish, but my parents are in town that week.

Gravelo info:

Greetings, friends,

We are fast-approaching one of my favorite rides of the year.

I hope those of you piqued for adventure, excitement, and exhaustion in beautiful environs will be game to embark.

It’s called Gravelo.

When : Saturday, October 6 - Sunday, October 7 (if you care to camp the night with us)

What : Full Gravelo is 73 miles of logging roads, winding sage valley gravel, and rock-heavy jeep trails that combine to defy any one type of riding or bicycle design. There are a couple ways to bail out early, but no option is easy. Wind and snow (both falling and on the road) often play a role in the ride, though to varying degrees. There are many hills.


“Short” Gravelo:

Full Gravelo:

It’s been ridden on cross bikes, mountain bikes, off-road touring bikes, fatbikes, and even a homemade brazed singlespeed with downtube shifters and 32mm slicks (you know who you are). The weather and road conditions, to some extent, dictate the best tool for the job.

It’s not a race, but some sections are too fun to ride cautiously.

It’s not for bragging rights. Strava doesn’t detect snow, rockgardens, or wind; and few want to hear what you “conquered” on your gravel bike.

It’s a 6 to 12-hour suffertaining exploration of myriad ecosystems and cycling disciplines routed to engage your head, heart, and body, and each more deeply than you might expect (or want). Then, we car-camp at the start/finish.

If you’re interested, please consider putting it on your calendar, and ask me anything you like about it. If you know other cool people who are into this sort of thing, please pass it along. Here’s a poorly maintained Facebook page for this event.



Goddamnit. Why do all the good rides happen when I have non-bike people in town?

Finalized Rallye schedule:

Wycolo Border Patrol
Sunday Nov 11th.

Meet at Me Oh My Pie at 7:00am, roll at 7:30. This ride is approximately 80 mile gravel and pavement ride towards the Wyoming border and back

Pennock Pedalin Powwow
Saturday Dec 8th

Meet at Bean Cycle Roasters at 6:30am, roll at 7:00am The 16th annual 95ish mile ride thru Masonville, over a 9000ft pass, down the Poudre Canyon typically with stops at the Mishawaka and Swing Station

Two Days of Cold Toes
Saturday and Sunday Jan 12th and 13th

Meet at High Noon at the Swing Station, roll at 1pm. We will have a leisure ride up the Poudre Canyon to Ansel Watrous for a night of camping and breakfast in the morning.

North County Roller
Saturday Feb 16th

Meet at Bean Cycle Roasters at 7:00am and Roll at 7:30am. This will similar to last years loop of a counter clockwise loop north of Fort Collins approximately 80 miles

Weld County Waltz
Sunday March 24th.

Meet at Bean Cycle at 7:00am and roll at 7:30am. 50 to 85 miles depending on the weather into the beautiful dirt roads of Weld County with a stop in Peirce for food and drinks and back to FoCo.

Prairie Fireball Overnight
Saturday and Sunday April 27th and 28th

Meet at Bean Cycle Roasters at 8:00am and roll at 8:30am. The ride will be approximately 50 to 90 miles long depending on the weather and which camping location we can actually ride to.

This Sunday.

Weekend weather isn’t looking so hot and I was sick all last week so I probably will be skipping this one.