Commute Routez and Talez

I know there’s a commuter topic somewhere, but I couldn’t find it for the life of me. Anyway, let’s post up maps and photos of our commutes, share stories of motorists calling us “faggots,” etc.

Leaving the garage.

A little under a mile later I pass the local produce stand. Stop here on the way home all the time.

Another mile, mile and a half in and I look out on the Oaks Bottom wildlife area.

Eventually I reach the shitty part of my commute, the Sellwood Bridge. Two lanes and a two foot wide sidewalk. I prefer to sprint across in the lane rather than take my chances with cyclists and peds on the narrow one way sidewalk. It’s a terrible bridge. About .6 miles and some dozen feet up.

Thankfully right across the bridge is the most amazing part of the ride, Riverview Cemetery. It’s about a 1.5 mile climb, somewhere around 500 feet up. Fairly steady.

This section in particular is super fun to descend.

Success! Awesome view.

Another mile or so through the quiet Collins View neighborhood and we will be there.

Sit around outside to cool off for a bit.

And into the dungeon I call my employment. No more natural light for five hours.

And back home again at four! Its about 13 miles, and by my best guess (veloroutes, topo maps, map my ride) it’s somewhere around 750 feet of climbing.

my absurdly short commute since moving-

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this is current commute from my apartment, 3.6 miles each way. not terribly long (i sometimes do about a tarck century from the gf’s neighborhood to the loop too), but goes through some interesting locales. i’ll borrow my gf’s camera and snap some pictures later this week.

That’s a beautiful commute tepr, mine is about <5 miles and the whole thing is ugly and filled with runners/dishwashers on bikes or Dick heads in trucks who think its a good idea to speed past and cut off cyclists to get to the stop light first.

I don’t think my 1 mile trip to class is even considered a commute, but I’ll take pics tomorrow

teepz, that looks beautiful. jellz!

these are my to and from work routes. tarck centuryish miles each way.

not scenic, but I do get to ride past a methadone clinic

what more could you ask for?

what more could you ask for?[/quote]


My “commute” to the “office” downtown (read: Stumptown Coffee) used to be the funnest deal in town because of how I could mob down Burnside when it hits downhill @ NE 12th in Portland going upper 20’s mph, catch all greens, and then speed across the bridge and catch another set of all greens before hitting my workplace up on NW 12th.

But now Portland royally fucked up their infrastructure in that area by turning Couch and Burnside into one ways, adding a shit ton of new lights and all-around making a move that drivers and cyclists alike are pissy about.

This is the “to work” version and doesn’t start quite at my place. I take a slightly different way home.

nevermind. google map stuff isn’t worth posting

2.1 miles to school
2.9 miles to work

Story: Some A-hole in a black Lexus SUV liked to honk at me daily, and always cut over into my lane (can’t really cut me off when he’s doing 25mph faster, so whatever) on a long stretch with no lights. Two days in a row I ended up next to him at the light at the end of the street. I just stared over at him. he stared straight. No more honks.

I’ll post Map later, but for now, a summary. ~25-30mi round trip depending on start location (I drive part way to keep ride time to ~1hr), with zero climbing.
Starts like this…

~6miles of MUP…

Then ~6 miles of vehicle traffic road through park… very little traffic, just wider roads,
Then the rest is a 5ft shoulder on a 50mph 2 lane each way road, and 3 long blocks of slower, no shoulder road.

To arrive here…

it’s the west side of detroit and east dearborn. Highlights include: the coke plant, the water plant, the rouge plant, no less then three abandoned churches, the malice green memorial and the club house of a motorcycle club

I tried this a few years ago with the other thread. After taking the first photo I tried to put the camera back in its case. However, the lanyard kind of caught on my wrist causing the camera to get flung to the ground. Cost me $200 to replace girlfriend’s now broken camera.

I ride by the Indy work release which has 30 of the shittiest bikes you will ever see chained up out front. I want to bring a tub of chain grease and grease all of their chains.

my first half mile is like this

then it’s like this

then it’s like this

then like this

My commute is about 2 miles and not really the most exciting 8 minutes of cycling. Sometimes I see chickens and one time I saw a raccoon without a tail. For the summer I have 2 offices and they are 5 miles apart so that adds some more bike time, which is nice.

Oh and Mr Trout you’ll be glad to know that I have found a decent fishmonger at the farmers market.

well if we can pull interweb pics


then sometimes like this

(birthplace of may day/the eight hour workday)
then sometimes on lake street on the right here (but never on the sidewalk in the center of the photo :colbert:)

the end

i can’t walk over that river without stopping to pee in it, i don’t know why.

ha well it’s essentially a piss and shit canal, so maybe that has something to do with it