commuters: what kinda pants/underwear?

so, class starts monday. meaning im gonna be riding a short distance to school every day, about a 20 minute ride.

ive been wearing boxer breifs for longer than i can remember and they absolutely suck for riding as the whole leg section just gets jammed up where i dont want it to be. so im thinking its time for a change, either regular breifs with the reason being that theres less fabric to get bunched up or some of those super long boxer breifs that damn near go down to my knees in hopes that they will stay put while riding. any input?

also, pants. i normally ride in cut off dickies for the summer and stretchy jeans (1% spandex) in the winter. because my commute is so short i don’t feel the need to get special biking clothes for commuting, but my jeans are only lasting me about 6 months before i wear through the crotch and the dickies are going for about a year, maybe a little longer. any recommendations on pants/shorts to ride in that don’t wear out super quick? ive been thinking about making my own based on a dickies pattern with a double layer crotch but it may be months before i clear off the sewing table…

I just wear boxers, even up to rides as long as 50 miles without issue.

Pants are usually just cut offs. Take the pieces of the leg you cut off and use them as patches when your pants wear through.

cycling shorts
cut offs over them
change in bathroom
or whatever underwears u got over cut offs and just be deal with it

Get a Brooks saddle.


basic hanes briefs.

any not-too-tight pair of pants.

+1 for a brooks saddle, but i can also be comfy for a short commute (5mi each way or so) on other saddles, i.e. gel flite

Cotton or poly-pro boxer briefs, “hiking” shorts or cutoffs.

Boxers and 501s. I got some swrve jeans, shorts and trousers that are hella comfy, but I can’t really afford more right now. No stitches under the perineum + stretch denim = awesome.

i hate the way the brooks feel.

i have a wtb speed v that i can ride all day without cycling shorts and a terry fly thats just as comfortable despite the center cutout.

good idea saving the cut off leg parts to patch the pants later, i need some new dickies anyways so i gotta remember to save the scraps

Just bareball it and wear this

bibs with old swerve cutoff knickers and tshirt.

boer briefs, without enough elastane left so they stay where they gotta stay, and no seam over your gooch

i guess if you can ride a horse on em they must be pretty comfy?

boxer briefs are good, they make some that hold your pouch up so you don’t sit on it by accident ever.
also compression shorts.
no chamois to make you feel like a diaper.

Surprised no Under Armor Boxer Briefs… 9" inseam… keeps them from riding up.

i had the same issue when i would skate in the summer. my boxers would ride up my leg and pretty much get wrapped around the boys. so i eliminated the problem by literally eliminating it. i’ve been going commando for the past two years and i don’t know why i never did it before.

But isn’t it at least as much of a pain in the ass to wash your pants every day?

tzusing has the idea, even if he didn’t mean to

just shower with your shorts

or whatever underwears u got over cut offs and just be deal with it[/quote]