commuting speed?

so i live in the 'burbs of dallas, 15 min. from downtown.
i only have a 4 mile commute to work, which is rad.
the city i live in has no bike lanes and the people are fucking assholes while you’re in a car, and even worse when your on a bike.
so anyway, i ride in the right hand side of the right hand lane.
i guess i average 16-17mph on a 3 lane 35mph road where most people do 45-50.
am i too slow?
i could ride 20+mph if i wanted to, but i really don’t see the point of wearing myself out before and after a 10hr. work day.
what’s your approximate commuting speed?

i have a 7 mile commute. it takes me 30 mins to get in, and about 20 to get back. mostly uphill in the morning, mostly down in the evening. i try to maintain low cadence (60-70rpm) in a bigger gear, just to keep from tiring myself out. i’ve tried to do it fixed, but it just kills me. i like riding my 27 gear bike b/c i haul a change of clothes, lunch, and a decent amount of bike parts/packages, as well as a lot of other commuter goodies, like lights, repair stuff, water, and an air zounds horn.
i usually average 2 assholes per day, one in and one home, but nothing too serious.

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Almost all of my riding is commuting. I do 16 miles each way. I carry a laptop, clothes, food, etc. in a pannier. I wear bike-specific clothing (i.e. lycra, tights, jersey, gloves or winter versions of these). There are big hills on part of my ride, uphill going in, downhill coming back. I use a computer to get an average speed from start to stop. I average around 17 in the morning and 19 in the evening. It’s a rough gauge. I don’t intend to start measuring watts. To get an average like that I have to try to always stay over 20 mph on the flats. I take a shower on both ends of my trip.

The other day I passed a “recreational rider” and he promptly went off the path into a fence and landed on his face. I was 12 or 15 feet from him but clearly I distracted him somehow. I felt bad. Then 2 miles later a chipmunk takes a dive under my front tire. Rear tire hits him too, for good measure. I felt bad again.
But usually commuting is a lot of fun.

My commute is about 2.5 miles and it take me 10 minutes on a bad day(lights, etc.) I don’t know how fast that makes me. I kinda wish my commute was a little longer.

14 miles, I probably average 18 mph and it takes me an hour, haven’t invested in a computer yet. Probably a little slower but I go by how quickly the cars pass me. Mostly flat with rolling hills and two tiring climbs, the hardest being the Williamsburg bridge.

However, once I do that I call my dispatcher and run around the city all day putting on 30-40 more miles and then I ride back.

I ride my bike to work. Its about 2 miles, but i have to go up the biggest hill ive ever seen in my entire life so it makes up for it. I have a computer, and I average about 12 or 13 mph. but I think thats just cos the hill brings my average down. Takes about 15 mins to get there, and about 10 to get back. I do about 35-40 down the hill on the way back and my average is about 19 or 20 mph.

My ride is 8 miles each way. Downhill in the morning, but I leave at 6:45am so I don’t ride all that fast so it takes about a half hour. The way hoe depending on how hard work was/how hot it is usually takes around thirty five minutes.

This is my commute -

I actually have it a bit easier now when I can use the bike path that was finished last September. That removes the large climb right in the middle of the graph. But in winter it is iced over. This route is almost straight through with few stoplights. I have three or four alternate routes to keep me from getting bored.

I commute 15.5 miles round trip (geared with a computer) Avg 15 there, 17.5 home. Not many hills, but the ones I face are all uphill there, downhill home.

I’ve made it in 18mph avg there, 20 home (diff days)

8 miles each way.
Average about 16-17 mph according to my GPS. It displays moving average speed and stopped time.
35 minutes in the morning, best i’ve made it home is about 26 minutes (It was the perfect commute. The stoplights were in my favor. I was able to pick up a ton of speed coming down the hill at Chinden & 5 Mile and carry it nearly all the way to Glenwood).

^I think I make the same commute as you except on Maple Grove. I go from State to Overland

i go from 27th & State is to Chinden & Cloverdale. Not a bad ride except fighting the headwind occasionally.