continuous flats

i keep getting flats on my front tire, put at least 5 different tubes in, didnt actually figure out it wasnt an operator error til yesterday
pretty sure its something with the rim, considering its the same hole in the same spot, anything i could check the rim specifically for?

have you checked if there is perhaps an embedded piece of glass or metal in your tire?

also check the rim tape to see if anything is amiss.

A goathead possibly got stuck in there and broke off.
I’ve picked them up and had them break off, I had to pull them with a needle nose pliers. Took me 3 tubes to figure it out.

im checking the tire very carefully right now, i have some pretty thick ones that have some goatheads stuck in the thickest part that i couldnt feel on the inside, and thats not where it was in the first place
ill check the rim/rim tape next

This is why you line up the valve stem with the tire label. After you locate the puncture in the tube you can find the corresponding spot in the tire/rim to see if there are any residual causes.

Also, cloth rim tape+some time with a file is the solution if there is an issue with the rim.

i do do that, which is why i checked that place on the tire/rim first

do do.

You twist my words!!

I recently had 2 blow-outs at the track… Back to back, same spot, blah blah blah… Turned out there was a small slice in the tire, maybe 2 mm and inside was some exposed material that was sharp. I went around the tire a ton of times before I noticed the slit, and even then I didn’t think much of it. Powerbar wrapper got me through the night.

wtf is a goathead?

the gnarliest kind of thorn evaaaaaaar

dont overinflate them. i had that problem because i’m a dumbass.

find the spot in the tire that keeps making the hole.
turn the tire inside out and look real close, use a knife or needle or whatever to push the debris out.

if the hole is on the side of the tube that the rim touches, then you need to find the burr or scratch that some tool or something made on the inside of your rim. use sandpaper on it.

check your rim tape to make sure it is nice and straight throughout your rim.

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Take a cotton ball and run it around the inside of the tire. If there is any kind of bur or glass embedded in the carcass it will snag and pick up some cotton threads. It can help to find sneaky bits that will puncture a tube under pressure.

Barba always has some serious knowledge to impart. Cool trick never knew about that.

[quote=“biekridder”]have you checked if there is perhaps an embedded piece of glass or metal in your tire?

also check the rim tape to see if anything is amiss.[/quote]


i, too, went through three tubes before it dawned on me that maaaybe something was stuck in the tire. there was. it was probably one of these:

Check your valve hole and rim seam for sharp edges too.