Couple of little stabbers

Before theses go to eBay. Esee Candiru and Izulu, both with custom kydex and scales. $60 each plus actual shipping.

How big are those?


Seems crazy that 1 cubic foot of water is 7.48 gallons. Isn’t a standard gallon jug lire roughly a foot by a foot by a foot?
I guess not.

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If you’re thinking of what I’m thinking of, a gallon jug is still under a foot high and only 6 or 7 inches on each side of the base. I think. I haven’t bought a gallon of milk or anything in a while. What I’ve learned from teaching volume problems in calc is that having a 3 dimensional universe lets us put a whole bunch of shit in a small space.

Pretty cool ruler atmo

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i am also consistently amazed by how much volume is in what appears to be a tiny area
have you ever ordered a yard of dirt/rocks/mulch? it’s so much!
we also do cube estimations for warehouses. go into a warehouse. it’s probably less than 10% full…by cube. but it’s 85% full of stuff, couldn’t really get much more stuff in there.

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