cracked steel frame - how long do I got left?

This morning, on the way out to work, I discovered a crack in my Iro Angus where the seat tube meets the BB shell. It’s about 1/5 of the way around. There’s a bit of a creak when I push hard on a crank, which I always assumed was my pedal but very well could be the frame. No noticeable flex yet, but I should probably start shopping for a new frame now, eh? Any guesses as to how long it’s going to be useable for?


Well, it probably won’t fail suddenly because its steel, and if it does it probably won’t result in you eating shit like a catastrophically failing fork or something would. However, you should replace it as soon as possible. Will IRO replace it?

edit: yeah, pics.

Good point.

You can really only see the rusted bit in the picture, but the crack extends maybe half an inch in either directions.
The frame is 3 years old, and was bought used. I had it powdercoated 2 years ago so maybe the contaminated weld was filled in by the powder for a while? Regardless, I don’t think Iro would be obligated to replace it, but it never hurts to ask.

At the very least, I believe that they have a “crash replacement” program which could allow you to get a new frame at a significantly discounted price. Either that, or just buy a Kilo TT frame and dump the IRO on Craigslist for $100 “as-is.”

ugh this thread is motivating me to framesaver my bike before i put it through a second year of chicago winter abuse.

Don’t forget steel is highly repairable, although the cost of repair may come close to the cost of a new frame of this type…

The sad thing is that I seriously framesavered the fucker annually. Also, I sold my Kilo literally last week because I didn’t think I needed two similar bikes. Ha ha ha.

Good call on the Iro crash replacement policy… hopefully my getting it used won’t disqualify me. Time to write an email…

IRO has a 50% off discount for replacement frames iirc.

no one recommending getting it TIGed by a good welder?

Unless you’re scuba diving with your bike, I find it really hard to believe that it could rust through to the point of breakage in just 2 years. There are bikes that live outdoors for decades and don’t rust through, and I doubt they had some uber framesaver treatment. Far more likely there’s some sort of crash damage or faulty workmanship to explain the above (moreso the latter considering the IRO replacement frame policy… :bear: )

Don’t bother writing an email. Those fucksticks at IRO don’t answer emails. Yeah, yeah, it’s a small family business blah blah - takes no longer than answering the phone so I don’t see what the difference is. If you aren’t going to answer an email, don’t advertise your email address. But whatever.

i’d try for a replacement before i tried a repair.

I think the IRO deal is for original owner, but you might be able to work around that … like it was a gift or something

jb weld

That’s not a rust issue or crash damage. That crack is definitely the result of faulty workmanship. Ask IRO to replace it. If they do, great. If they don’t, send that shit back to them and tell them to fucking suck it, then buy a kilo.


I believe you have to register your serial number & other information before the crash replacement policy goes into effect. Although, this may be a case of a squeaky wheel gets the grease. If they say no, I wouldnt let up and keep bugging them. They are at fault – that’s a result of poor welding, not common use.

edit: looks like you may be fucked:

2 year warranty / original owner

23 days 4 hours 23 minutes and 16 seconds

intrigues me.

i’ve seen framesavered bikes rust though there coz no water drain hole in the BB.

also seen tigged bikes break there coz tig leaves a stress riser at the edge of the halo

also seen lugged bikes crack there coz the owner was just a fucking masher

my 2 cents, put sticker over it, ride until it breaks, get newer nicer bike